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Zac Efron On Playing A Dad In Firestarter: “I Was Drastically Underprepared…”




Zac Efron: I was drastically underprepared to play a dad
Zac Efron On Playing A Dad In Firestarter! (Pic Credit: Instagram)

Hollywood star Zac Efron “didn’t know what he was doing” when he portrayed a father for the first time in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Firestarter.

In the latest episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show, Efron told the host: “I didn’t think about it all that much.

Zac Efron continued, “And then when we started filming the movie, I had a two-week quarantine and when I got out of quarantine, we started filming that Monday, so it was a pretty quick intro to the film, and all of a sudden I had this daughter in front of me.”

“We had a pretty heavy dad-daughter scene right off the bat, and I realised I was drastically underprepared for this part. I didn’t know what I was doing,” Zac Efron added.

After shooting the movie, the 17 Again star admitted he will not be looking to have kids anytime soon, reports

He added: “I think that was a healthy dose to put me off for as long as necessary. I have a little bit more growing to do, probably.”

The 2022 sci-fi thriller has been adapted from the 1984 film based on Stephen King’s 1980 novel of the same name, and originally starred David Keith as Andy and Drew Barrymore as Andy’s daughter Charlie McGee.

Firestarter, which follows the story of a young girl who tries to understand how she mysteriously gained the ability to set things afire with her mind, will be released on May 13.

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