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“Your money is meant for your wife and children but your wife’s money is not meant for you” – Reno Omokri tells husbands » CmaTrends™




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Popular Nigerian opinionist and lawyer, Reno Omokri, who is known to share thought-provoking ideas for personal development, has this time around, shared a very controversial one.

This opinion of his was shared on family finances and why the husband is solely mandated to use his money to take of the house while the wife’s money remains untouchable.

According to him, every man is obligated to fend for his family: provide for his wife and children. However, no man should have the idea that his wife’s money can be used to take care of the family.

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In a tweet, Reno Omokri said, the money of the wife is not meant for the children and her husband but the money of the man is meant for the reverse.

“Dear Men, Your wife’s money is not for you. It is for her and the kids. Your own money is for you, her and the kids. Don’t look at her money. Such men hardly progress. There is such a thing as housewife. There is no such thing as househusband.”

Does this statement not defeat the spirit of familiness and inclusion?


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