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Why was Youtuber Sarayu Arrested? Charges Explained




Youtuber Sarayu Arrested: Why was Youtuber Sarayu Arrested? Charges Explained: The arrest news of a YouTuber Sarayu is scattering on the web and making the headlines too. She is a Telugu actress who is making the headlines and her fans are keen to know why she has been arrested and what is the reason behind her arrest. She is the best-known actress from Telugu entertaining industry. She always use to remain in the controversies. She is best known for her boldness and excellent communication. She use to speak on her Youtube video about several and various topics. Follow More Update On

Youtuber Sarayu Arrested

Youtuber Sarayu Arrested

There is a FOR against her in regards to which she has been found allegedly insulting the followers of the Hindu god. She targeted the Hindu Gid an account of which she is facing an arrest. The FIR against her has been filed by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). They filed the complaint from the Sircilla district by the president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Chapuri Ashok. And her followers are so aggressive from her commentaries about the Hindu god while others too these aren’t in her follower’s list. She is an actress who has been appeared in many hit projects and she has enough fan base.

She directly demeaned the Hindu community and her followers making fun of them on her Youtube content. The content inside the video is imitating and him president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad has been showing it to the police and even filed a complaint against the actress. Later it has been taken to the to grated at the Banjara Hills Police Station which is located in Hyderabad.

Why was Youtuber Sarayu Arrested?

An actress uploaded this video on her YoutUbe channel in February 2021 after which there were several comments on it and the reactions from the viewers are mixed on it. The video was shot at a local restaurant with Sarayu and in the background, there are people in the saffron headband with printed slogans ‘Ganapati Bappa Moriya’. The president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad has been wanted to get strict action against her ‘by the officials as she has been repeatedly coming up with such content on her Youtube channel.

Even she posted one of her videos on the Youtube channel in which she has been using abusive language by using the character Seetha. and this time also she has appeared with something of inappropriate inside her video due to which she is arrested and faced hate from her fans.