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Why was Youtuber Jaliyah Ma Arrested? charges explained




Jaliyahma Arrested: Why was Youtuber Jaliyah Ma Arrested? charges explained: There has been some news about Jaliyah Monet’s arrest that have been surfacing on the internet. Yes, you read it right that Jaliyah Monet, social media influencer arrest rumours are snatching everyone’s attention. All her fans are really worried about her. The rumours of Monet’s arrest are circulating on social media. Her fans want to know whether she is really arrested or not. Jaliyah Monet is one of the most famous and renowned social media influencers who has gained huge popularity and fame. In this article, we have brought some essential details about her and her arrest in Texas. Follow More Update On

Jaliyahma Arrested

Jaliyahma Arrested

The news of Jaliyah’s arrest rumours has been surfacing on Reddit which has now been divided into two arguments regarding the arrest of Jaliyah Monet. On one side, there are people who are claiming that the social media influencer was arrested during her time in Texas while on another side, people claimed that she was not arrested. However, the arrest rumours are yet to be revealed officially. It was rumoured that Jaliyah Monet was reportedly arrested in Fort Bend County in Texas.

The rumours came when a mugshot of her was seen in a subreddit group. It is not verified yet whether the particular person in the mugshot is really Jaliyah, however, many of her followers have noticed multiple similarities. As we all know that the rumours of her arrest will spread till social media influencer Jaliyah herself comes out and talk about the matter. As per the rumours, she was arrested and charged with single depend on assault.

Why was Youtuber Jaliyah Ma Arrested?

Jaliyah Monet is dating his boyfriend, Funny Mike but the couple is yet to be married. It has been 5 years since they are dating each other. The couple is the parents of their two children. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter in February 2019. The couple has one son. The couple owns two Youtube channels, Funny Mike Family and  The MJ Family.

Apart from this, Jaliyah also has two young sisters- Liyah and Jayla. The couple is one of the most prominent and established social media influencers. Jaliyah Monet is 23 years old at present. Currently, she is living in Baston Rogue, LA. She was born on 08 February. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She has gained more than 2.5 million followers on her official Instagram account but it was deleted now. She also amassed a good number of subscribers on her Youtube platforms.