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Why was Radio 1 DJ Mark Page Arrested? Charges Explained




Radio 1 DJ Mark Page Arrested: Why was Radio 1 DJ Mark Page Arrested? Charges Explained: Recently, the news went viral on the internet that a former radio 1 DJ Mark Page has been jailed in Phillippines for abusing children for sexual offenses. He has sentenced to 12 years in jail after being found guilty. Those who knew him personally knew how bad he was when it comes to child trafficking. In the past, he has committed so many crimes that normal people can’t even think how bad he was. Follow More Update On

Radio 1 DJ Mark Page Arrested

Radio 1 DJ Mark Page Arrested

Presently, a judge at Teesside crown court has said Mark Page did not care that he was inflicting long-term trauma and emotional damage on the children. He worked at the station in the 1980s was guilty of grotesque sexual abuse of children as young as 12 and took advantage of their poverty judge says. It was not the first one that he committed a crime. Earlier, he also done crimes against some girls in which he has been raped one teenager and her life was almost gone if her family was not safe here. She was the most beautiful, gorgeous, and good-looking.

He was attracted to her beauty and started making physical relations with her. We don’t know how many girls in the past he raped or how many killed her. People also estimate that after rapped he killed the girls and throw them like garbage. He did it numerous times and we have heard it. These are the statements that  People made to her. The exact reason was still unknown yet. Cops have started their investigation and they are searching the clues and evidence against him.

Why was Radio 1 DJ Mark Page Arrested?

Watson says The offenses of which you have been convicted involve the grotesque sexual abuse of young children for your own sexual gratification. You took advantage of the poverty and deprivation in an underdeveloped country in which children are routinely forced, through economic and social deprivation, into acts of prostitution. Your sole purpose was to engage children and start doing nasty things with them.

People also say. he doesn’t deserve to live between us. He wants to stay in the prison for life. He doesn’t deserver it. If he started living like this, then it will be more dangerous to us and more dangerous to other communities. As of now, we have this much information we something would come then we definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.