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Why was Premier of Western Australia Mark Mcgowan Arrested? Charges Explained




Mark Mcgowan Arrested: Why was Premier of Western Australia Mark Mcgowan Arrested? Charges Explained: As per the latest report, On Monday, 31st January 2022, around 150 people protested outside the Perth Police station who were demanding action against the strict new vaccination requirements of Western Australia. The people who took participation in this protest were marched through Northbridge to the police station, calling for the “arrest” of Premier Mark McGowan and an end to mandated the restrictions. Western Australia’s strict proof-of-vaccination rules come into effect Monday, with those who are denied getting vaccinated being refused entry to most public venues across the state. These new rules increased the anger of the citizen’s and they are protesting against it. Follow More Update On

Mark Mcgowan Arrested

Mark Mcgowan Arrested

As per the information under the new rules, anyone age 16 and above that is not double-jabbed will be banned from all hospitality venues, including dining in cafes, restaurants, fast-food outlets, and pubs as well as all indoor entertainment venues and gyms. In order to make an entry, the person will need to show proof or double-dose vaccination.

Proof of vaccination is also needed for visitors to hospitals and aged care facilities, gyms and fitness centers, play centers, cinemas, the zoo, amusement parks, Crown casinos, and even battleships.

Why was Mark Mcgowan Arrested?

The protestors, who wore matching uniforms named themselves “common law sheriffs” tried to make entry into the police station to serve their own documents demanding the apprehend of WA Governor Kim Beazley and Mr. McGowan. The unmasked protestors were rejected entry, ordering cops to let them pass and remove their masks when talking to them.

One lady stated, “We are Commonwealth public officials and we have authority over you.”

Another protestor named Graeme Watkins said “We want him removed as soon as possible. What he is doing is against the constitution. We will be back. We would not sit down and watch it and we are sick and tired of all this.”

The supposed marshals handed the document-which has no legal basis-to cops, who accepted it and also provided a proof of complaint card.  The protest remained peacefully but emotions ran high, One lady cried with happiness as the complaint card was returned. She said, “It is a historic day.”

The rally came a couple of hours after anti-vaxxers brought the Mitchell Freeway to a standstill on Monday morning (31st Jan) at the height of the peak hour and back-to-school traffic. The road was blocked around 07:55 AM, prior to police moving the protestors on around 08:00 AM.