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Why was Piers Corbyn Corbyn Arrested? Charges Explained




Piers Corbyn Arrested: Why was Piers Corbyn Corbyn Arrested? Charges Explained: As per the latest report, the campaigner of anti-vaccine has been arrested. A statement has been released by The Metropolitan Police in which they said a man in his 70s was apprehended in Southwark, South London in the early hours of Sunday, 19th September 2021. However, the police did not mention the name of the arrested person. The anti-vaccine campaigner (74-years-old) is the brother of the ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He was arrested over video calling for people to ‘burn down the offices of MPs.” Let’s have a close look at the entire matter. Follow More Update On


Piers Corbyn Arrested

Piers Corbyn Arrested

In a video on Telegram, he stated that “I am out from Charing Cross police station, just released on a trumped-up charge of uplifting people to commit arson, and I am released pending further investigation sans any conditions of bail.” Prior to the arrest, a clip shared broadly on social media viewed Mr. Corbyn addressing a rally which is in Londo against the restriction of COVID and seemingly taking aim at MPs who voted in the favor of Plan B restrictions.

Why was Piers Corbyn Corbyn Arrested?

The Met stated in a released statement prior to the arrest: “We are aware of a video on social media in which people were motivated to burn down the offices of MPs. It is being assessed and inquiries related to this are going on.” In the leaked video, Mr. Corbyn refers to his brother voting against Plan B, suggesting it was shot on Wednesday, 15th December 2021, the day after they were passed by a majority in the Commons.

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He said that “We have got to hammer to demise those scum, those scum, who have decided to go ahead with introducing new fascism. We have got to get a list of them on websites, and if your MP’s one of them, go to their offices, and well, I would recommend burning them down. But I can not say that on-air, I hope we are not on air.” Priti Patel called for the cops to take “serious and strong action” against him. In a post on Twitter, the Home Secretary stated: “The Piers Corbyn video is sickening. I beg the police to take them seriously and strongest possible action against him.”  Currently, this much information is available regarding this as soon as new development came to our radar we will notify our readers.



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