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Why was Mason Greenwood Arrested? Charges Explained




Harriet Robson Reddit and Twitter Reaction on Mason Greenwood Arrested: Why was Mason Greenwood Arrested? Charges Explained: The arrest news of famous personalities is constantly rising and most of the arrest news is linked with the sports community. From the past few months, many sports stars have been apprehended over the charges of se*ual assault. One another player has been recently arrested in a similar case. As per the latest report, Mason Greenwood the player of Manchester United was apprehended on the suspicion of [email protected] and assault on Sunday, 31st January 2022. His arrest came when a woman uploaded visual and audio accusations on social media of an incident. The accusations video and audio instantly draw the attention of the netizens which resulted in him to landed in jail. Follow More Update On

Mason Greenwood

Mason Greenwood Arrested

United have declared that Greenwood (20-years-old) will not play or train while cops and the club work to establish the entire circumstances around pictures and an audio file that making rounds on social media. United released a statement in which they stated that the forward “will not come back to training or play matches until further notice.” The investigating officers did not name Greenwood but the statement about the probe was provided after inquiries about the footballer.

A Greater Manchester Police Statement stated that “Greater Manchester Police were made aware earlier Sunday, 30th Of January 2022 of online social media pictures and videos uploaded by a lady reporting incidents of physical violence. A probe was launched and following inquiries, we can assert a man in his 20s has since been apprehended on suspicion of [email protected] and assault. He remains in the custody for questioning. Inquiries are already going on.”

Why was Mason Greenwood Arrested?

In an earlier statement released on Sunday morning, United stated they were introducing their own probe prior to declaring the suspension of Greenwood. The statement stated: “We are aware of pictures and accusations making rounds on social media. We will not make any further comments until the facts have been established. Manchester United does not condone violence of any kind.” Another statement from the Premier League club was released in response to accusations being posted within photos and audio that are no longer available or visible on the Instagram page of the woman. Greenwood progressed via the United academy into the first team and he extended his contract last year through 2025.

Manchester United club star player currently facing a storm in his life as he is accused of raping and beating Harriet Robson, this news is hanging on the trending bar of social media since his girlfriend came up openly on Instagram to make everyone aware of her pain that was given by star player of Manchester United club. People have been shocked after knowing the intolerable behavior of Mason toward Harriet, read the full article to learn all the details regarding this burning topic of the news, upcoming sections will tell you about the audio clip shared by his girlfriend and what did he do to his girlfriend? so go through this blog till the last line.

Harriet Robson Reddit and Twitter Reaction

Since Monday morning a series of pictures and video clips have been circulating on social media in which Harriet Robson is showing the bruises and cuts on her body and talking about the abusive language that was used by Manchester United famous player to threaten her. The pictures that were shared by Harriet on Instagram are evidence of the physical attack on her. Sunday morning was full of shocks and frights as the fans react to her miserable physical appearance, Mason has been surrounded by serious accusations since Sunday morning, let’s see what will be the words by him in his defense.

Mason Greenwood Scandal

Mason Greenwood’s time with Manchester United Club:

Manson is the key player of the Manchester United club and probably he is one of the star players of the football team and he performs as the striker of the team in the matches and in return Manchester United Club never showed its interest to invest in another striker for the team as the club already has acknowledged the talent of 20 years old boy from Manchester University and people believed that he may become the forefront face of the Manchester United club in the coming years as they glorified the talent of 20 years old boy and considered him as the most promising talents with a luminous future ahead.

Mason Greenwood Scandal

Police Statement on Harriet Robson’s video:

It has been confirmed that Police have started their procedure of the investigation in this case and assured the netizens that the truth will come out soon and the video that was uploaded by Harriet Robson on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms has been taken down by the officials due to the sensitive content.

Mason Greenwood's girlfriend, Harriet Robson