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Why was Junior Siavii Arrested? Charges Explained




Junior Siavii Arrested: Why was Junior Siavii Arrested? Charges Explained: Those who don’t know about him must be wondering, who is JUnior Siavii? So lets us guys inform you that he was a former NFL player, who was facing jail under the charges of gun and drug trafficking. He was 43 years old when he was met to death. He was in a Kansas prison where he had been found dead. Many of his fans and followers are getting curious to know, how he died there? Answers will be disclosed to you in the article below. Follow More Update On

Junior Siavii Arrested

Junior Siavii Arrested

The spokeswoman fr the U.S Bureau of Prison, Anna Armjio, gave a statement that reads, “we found Siavii, unresponsive at the afternoon on 13th January at 2:30 pm, at the U.S. Penitentiary in Leavenworth.” One more part of his death unveiled by the officials which you must have to be aware of, and it is that “the staff prison took him to the hospital and there the doctors announced him dead.”

The staff of the prison acted immediately and they rushed him to the hospital but unluckily, doctors announced him dead. Hj Hank Ellison took his Twitter account and there he stated that “While Siavii awaiting trial on federal gun and drug trafficking charges, as er what the records show about him. Siavii 43 was found dead on Thursday in the US Penitentiary Leavenworth. ”

Why was Junior Siavii Arrested?

Netizens are getting do impatient to know the real cause of his death. But there isn’t any such update about his sudden death cause. It still remains the mystery ho the NFL player lost his life inside the Kansas prison. The spokeswoman fr the U.S Bureau of Prison, Anna Armijo, said that “he was the only one who found unresponsive and his neighbors were all fine no even they were injured.” Well, this raised questions about whether it was all planned? The mystery of his death is still unresolved as the officials are into the preliminary investigation.

Junior Siavii was arrested under the charges of illegal suspicion of firearm possession and this is during a dispute with the police in Kansas. Later criminal indictment also charges with methamphetamine drug trafficking. He won several medals and even holds the trophy in his hand for his team. He gave his hundred percent to his career and gained success and love from his fans. His fans are in shock after being informed about his sudden death. They are taking over Twitter to pay a tribute to him.