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Why was Father Of Twins Arrested? Charges Explained




Father Of Twins Arrested: Why was Father Of Twins Arrested? Charges Explained: Can anyone imagine, a father can take the life of their own son? No, right? But in Singapore, a father has been apprehended on the suspicion of the killing. Singapore has barely had time to accept the dreadful demises of 2 twin boys near Greenridge Crescent Playground in Upper Bukit Timah on Friday, 21st of January 2022. The initial questions in the mind of most people would be how the tragic incident happened and who was responsible. Now, hardly a day after the news was released, we now have a suspect the father of the boys. The father of the twins has been apprehended by the cops on Saturday, 22nd January 2022 for his suspected involvement in their demise and he will be charged with assassination. Follow More Update On

Father Of Twins Arrested

Father Of Twins Arrested

This shocking news was disclosed late on Saturday night by Singapore Police Force (SPF). In a Facebook post at around 11:30 PM, they stated they had apprehended a 48-year-old man. They recognized him as the father of the 2 demised 11-year-old boys. His apprehend was based on his suspected engagement in their demise.

Why was Father Of Twins Arrested?

The anonymous man will be charged in court on Monday, 24th January 2022. The offense will be charged under Section 302(1) of the Penal Code 1871. The regulation says that those who commit killing within the meaning of Section 300 (a) will receive a death conviction. Section 300(a) explains an act of killing as having the intention of causing death. The investigating officers noted that this offense carries the penalty of death.

The 11-year-old twins, Ashton and Ethan Yap were stated to have special needs and are believed to be pupils of a school in the Eng Kong estate area. Earlier on Saturday, the investigating stated that they had got a call at around 06:25 PM on Friday from a man asking for aid at a playground along Greenridge Crescent.

Police Followed All Leads 

The arrest of the father came just more than a day after the bodies of the boys were discovered, SPF had good reason to do so, they stated. They “followed up on all possible leads” and “conducted round-the-clock probes”. These efforts eventually direct the arrest of the father. On Friday night, 21st January 2022, SPF was on the lookout for a man stated to be in his 30s.

It is uncertain whether this lead had anything to do with the arrest of the father, but the alert has been stood down.

Father Of Twin Boys Had Already Cops 

Absurdly, it was the father who alerted the cops about the tragic incident. Recapping the case, SPF stated they received a call from him on Friday at 06:25 PM. They reached a playground along Greenridge Crescent and discovered the 2 boys lying motionless near the playground.