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Why I had to infuse comedy into my acting- Charles Okocha




Nigerian actor, Charles Okocha, better known as Igwe 2pac, has revealed why he had to infuse comedy into his acting.

In a chat with Punch, the actor stated that he had to do this in order to break the stereotype of being given only bad boy roles in movies.

He said “At some point in the industry, I was being stereotyped as I was being given only bad boy roles. I knew that I could do more than that but in the industry; they tend to give you one particular role once they know that you are good at it. I had to infuse comedy into my acting because I wanted to be distinct; and also put a smile on people’s faces. Back then, if you are cast for a role, you become a star automatically.

“Even when the film is not yet out and you are still filming; people would start giving you the attention of a celebrity. Then, hard work is more vital and you get roles based on merit. Presently, if you are a producer, you can choose to give your friend or relative a lead role.”

Okocha added“I do not intend to retire soon because acting is a passion for me and I still want to do it for a long time. The journey has been good and I can’t complain. When you start up any profession, it is not always easy because you have to get it rough the first time. But with God on your side, blessing your hustles, one will get there. I know many persons whom I started with in this industry and only a few of us are still active. 

“Also, my career got a push when I met Teco Benson, a notable Nollywood producer. He knew me because we stayed on the same street in Aguda, Surulere area of Lagos.”

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