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Why Fans Think Chris Evans And Selena Gomez Are Dating




Selena Gomez has been quite private about her love life. The American singer has kept a pretty low profile this week. However, Chris Evans following her on Instagram was enough to start a rumour about her love life. Some fans believe that the Marvel actor and the singer are romantically involved.

Fans on Twitter claimed that the two celebs were caught leaving the same studio and restaurant at different times, but there is no documented proof of that.

The paparazzi photos of them in the alleged same locations are actually old photos. Selena Gomez and Evans actually arrived at different places with similar backgrounds.

This is how it began

On the October 1, 2021 where Selena was last seen by the paparazzi, photos of Gomez shows that she was with a female friend.

Chris Evans recently followed Gomez on Instagram, however she has not followed him back. Both are publicly single, although their private relationship statuses may or may not be different. The two have never been photographed together in recent times. They have not announced to be working in any project together currently.

Selena Gomez Has a Crush on Evans

Selena however admitted to having a crush on Evans back in 2015.

“I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans. Isn’t he cute? He’s very cute,” she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen then. She admitted it was her first time talking about this crush: “Oh man, he’s either going to hate me or love me.”

Evans and Gomez

According to multiple sources, Gomez however isn’t looking for a serious boyfriend right now. A source spoke to Entertainment Tonight about why Gomez wasn’t looking for a serious boyfriend at the time.

“Selena is very traditional, she would love to find ‘her person’ and get married and have a family one day,” the source said.

“[But] she is not looking for something serious now and is in no rush to settle down as her priority continues to be her health, career and philanthropy work. She has worked so hard on her physical and mental health over the past few years, and she knows she must be the healthiest version of herself if she’s going to share her life with someone else, so she will only get involved in a serious relationship when she feels ready.”

Gomez herself spoke about being single in March and the attention that comes with dating. Shooting PDA scenes with her on-screen love interest – Aaron Dominguez – sparked rumors of them actually dating in real life.

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