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Why Did Fezco Beat Up Nate In Euphoria and Does He Get Arrested? Explained




Why Did Fezco Beat Up Nate In Euphoria and Does He Get Arrested? Explained: Season 2 of Euphoria has been premiered on HBO, Euphoria is an American teen drama series and Fezco is the name of one of its characters, Fezco is a guy who is a shop assistant, and also does drug dealing in the show. In the latest season, Fezco and Naze have been seen fighting as Fezco showed his muscle powers to  Nate. Basically, Fezco is the friend of Rue in the series, read the below sections for full insights of season 2 of Euphoria which has released just a while ago and viewers are showing their curiousness towards the show on the web. Follow More Update On

Fezco Beat Up Nate In Euphoria

Why Did Fezco Beat Up Nate In Euphoria?

Fez and Snowflake are the other names of Fezco in the series and he has seen selling drugs to Rue several times in the series and he is also worried about Rue as she is addicted to drugs and also expressed his concern when she was manipulated by a drug dealer to take fentanyl. In season 2 Nate and Fezco featured in a fight when Fezco approached Nate Jacob at the midnight of New Year’s eve and Jacob recalled the moment comically when Fezco intimidated him to kill and then Fezco went out of control and bashed Nate badly.

Was Fezco Beat Up Nate Arrested? 

Earlier Fezco warned him in season one when he got to know that Nate is causing troubles for Jules and Rue. In return, Nate reported to the police and sent officers to his residence. For this Fezco smashed Nate Jacob for sending cops to his house. Fezco did not get arrested by the police yet for bashing Jacob. The fight scene of Nate Jacob and Fezco has been the most enjoyable scene of the series. Though the fight scene was not too long it required 8 hours to shoot the fight scene due to bottle brokerage and different fight movements.

Fezco’s grandmother is also a drug dealer like Fezco named Marie O’Neill and Fezco is also taken care of by his grandmother as his father physically abused him. His grandmother made him a drug dealer and trained him how to deal in this business and treat him like a business partner. Fezco also has a brother in the series named Ashtray and an uncle named Carl. He is a teen boy who is around 18-19 years with blue eyes and red hair. His tough character made many fans by the series. For more details and data stay connected with us and explore the world news.

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