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Who Were Shantel Rodriguez And Roberto Rodriguez? Husband & Wife Found Dead In Kissimmee Home




A man and a woman have been found dead in Kissimmee home. Their bodies were discovered in Osceola County on Wednesday afternoon, February 2, 2022. As the matter was informed to the area’s police, they have started their investigation to go to the depth and find out the crucial evidence about it. Deputies have revealed the identities of the deceased pair. According to the reports, the man and the woman are identified as Shantel Rodriguez and Roberto Rodriguez. It is also reported that the couple was married and were living together in that place.

Shantel Rodriguez and Roberto Rodriguez Kissimmee

The incident was reported on Wednesday afternoon while on Thursday morning, Osceola County Sheriff’s office identified the dead couple as 23-year-old Shantel and 25-year-old Roberto Rodriguez. As per the sources, the deputies were informed about the incident around 2 PM on Heatherlake Terrace. Sheriff Marcos Lopez shared some details as he said that the deceased woman’s mother had gone to bring the child home from school and when she returned, she found the couple’s dead bodies.

As the deaths were mysterious, the deputies sent the bodies for autopsy. Now, the autopsy has ruled the incident as a murder-suicide shocking the residents in the neighbourhood. Yes, according to the medical examiner’s office, it was a murder-suicide. The cops stated that the man Roberto Rodriguez firstly stabbed his wife Shantel which resulted in her spot death. After killing his wife, the man went on to commit suicide by hanging himself.

Besides, it is also reported that the man and the woman were having some complications in their relationship and were even had gotten separated but the man was living in that home for some days. The sheriff added that they are making sure to cover all the bases and said that at this moment, it does not look like there is a threat to anyone in the area. Sheriff Lopez further said that they want to make sure that they get the right investigation and make sure that they do not exclude any other possibilities that could have occurred at the crime scene.

The sheriff also mentioned that the sister of the woman is a Florida state trooper and that she was not present when the incident took place. The couple’s neighbour Ivone Gonsalez, shared her opinion about the incident as she said that she feels shattered to learn about their unfortunate deaths and that she used to see the deceased woman walking around with a stroller. Now, the deputies have been investigating the case to dig in more details.