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Who Was Tim Bilton? Cause of death? Talented Chef Died




Once again, quite shocking news is coming ahead of the people from the world of chefs, which made everyone shocked enough, because no one even thought that one day they would be hit by the great saddened news. Yes, you heard right, a famous chef of Yorkshire called Tim Bilton is no more among the people, since the news occupies the entire social media a wave of splendid desperation has surrounded everyone specifically those, who used to regard him as their model, as he would count in the list of top prestigious chef, but unfortunately he has passed away.

Tim Bilton chef

As per the reports, Tim was suffering from the lethal complications of eye cancer from 2013, and as soon as he was being treated by the hospital his health has deteriorated enough. Because his body was not ready to corporate with the treatment, because Cancer requires chemotherapy, and it takes to power up to the extent. Hence, he had to leave the world in such a manner, since the news took place it made everyone shattered enough because he was a great human being whose existence matters a lot for everyone, but as he is no more so it is a matter of great sorrow.


Tim Bilton was a popular chef who belonged to Yorkshire and was well known for his talent of making different dishes, which gave him fame and pumped his popularity. His proper name was Timothy Bilton, but the turning point of his career was the show on BBC called Gret Menu because of which, he git famous in every household. Even uncounted people used to follow him so that, they can bless themselves with the recipes of different dishes, and the only chef knows how to teach someone regarding the new dishes and he had the best way of teaching, hence his losing made everyone shattered.

Everyone is paying tribute to him while giving their deep condolence to his family because everyone could relate with them. Because losing our favorite one is more heartbreaking than anything in this world, this is the reason behind the immense sorrow of his admirers. Because they have lost another gem in just a small time period, which is really painful enough, so, therefore, everyone is paying tribute to him on Twitter, we will also pray for him and his family (RIP).