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Who was Sonya Biddle and what was her cause of death? Montreal politician and actress dead at 64




Obituary: Who was Sonya Biddle and what was her cause of death? Montreal politician and actress dead at 64: A piece of saddest news is coming into the headlines about a famous actress and former city councilor Sonya Biddle, who has passed away on 19 January 2022 after battling intestinal cancer. Everyone is shocked after getting the news of her demise. Her death has come out as a big shock to everyone. All her fans and friends are mourning the loss of the singer. She was 64 at the time of her death. Her family is in trauma right now and needs our support and concern at this time. Here, we have brought some essential details about Sonya Biddle. Follow More Update On

Sonya Biddle

Who was Sonya Biddle?

As per sources, Sonya Biddle has died on Wednesday (19 January) after battling cancer. All her close friends are sending love and thoughts to her family and friends. Her colleagues are shocked after getting the news of her demise. Her fans and admirers are paying soulful tributes to him. Her family is going through a tough time. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Sonya Biddle Death Cause

Talking about Sonya Biddle, she was an actress and politician in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She was born on 31 December 1957. From 1998 to 2001, she served as a member of Vision Montreal on the Montreal city council. She was the daughter of Charlie Biddle, a renowned Montreal jazz bassist, and the sister of Stephanie Biddle, a jazz singer. Her mother was a white francophone woman, she was excluded by her family members in the 1950s as she married a black man. She lost her father in 2003, who was the founder of Jazz and Ribs on Aylmer Street which later, became House of Jazz.

Sonya Biddle Obituary

Sonya Biddle is survived by her two sons- Charles and Callum and with her spouse, Allan Patrick. On Thursday, Patrick took his Facebook account and revealed the news of her demise by writing, “My heart is broken. She was always the sunshine, the light, the laughter, and the love in my life.” He said that he was deeply in love with Sonya Biddle for 35 years. He described his wife as a mother, director, writer, nightclub manager, producer, actress, model, volunteer, a good friend, a fighter for social justice, and an inspiration for so many people. She played her every role with passion and panache.

How did Sonya Biddle die? Montreal politician dead

She was a Montreal stage performer. She also worked in several films between 1987-99. She and her husband Patrick were deeply involved in the theatre arts community of the city for several years. Sonya Biddle left the world on 19 January 2022 at the age of 64. May her soul Rest In Peace.