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Who Was Sofiane Loukar? Check Heart Attack Video on Ground: Algerian Footballer Died on Field




We are immensely sad to inform you, that a piece of heartbreaking are again reported from the sports world, which made everyone shocked and shattered million hearts. Yes, you heard right, a popular player has lost his life due to a cardiac arrest during the match. The Incident occurred in Algeria and the player is recognized as Sofiane Loukar, since the news took place on social media, a massive flood of reaction is coming out as the people are expressing their deep feelings towards the deceased because nothing was predicted, but his departure left everyone in shocked, the video of the incident is also getting viral on social media.

Sofiane Loukar cause of death

According to the reports or sources, the player got a cardiac arrest in such high manner which became the cause of his sudden passing, even as soon as his team members came to know about his condition, they did not get enough time to take him to the hospital so that, he could be treated. The match was held on between Mouloudia Saida and ASM Oran Club, he was only a 28-years-old player, hence his shocking demise made everyone shocked especially his family, who later got the news and broke down in tears because the integral part of their family is no longer.

Sofiane Loukar Death Video

It is being reported, that 10 minutes after taking place on the ground he suffered a cardiac arrest/ heart attack. He collapsed on the ground which created a buzz among everyone because initially, no one knew the reason behind his condition. But Later, when the medical team took place and check him, they found that the cause of his passing is cardiac arrest. Everyone git surprised because before coming onto the field Sofiane did not share anything with his team if he was having health issues, this strange thing made everyone confused that what was the reason behind hiding this.

Later, his team made a call to the ambulance so that, they can make him admit to the hospital, hence when they took him to the nearest medical center and the doctors examined him. They pronounced him dead on the spot because they are not seeing any moment on him which indicates the same conclusion. Everyone is mourning his sudden passing and giving their deepest condolence to the family, as they are going through the deepest pain now as they lost him in such a worst manner. The video clip of the incident is getting viral on the internet in which you can see everything (RIP).