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Who was Sir David Cox and what was his cause of death?




Who was Sir David Cox and what was his cause of death?: Recently a legendary and well-known statistician of Britain has passed away who was called Sir David Cox, the legendary statistician died at the age of 97 years. His death news has parted the hearts of his followers and beloved ones. They are in shock for now and people are eager to know the death cause of Sir David Cox. To get all the answers to your questions regarding his death and his achievements during his career read this obituary as we have discussed everything which is a must to know. Follow More Update On

Sir David Cox

Who was Sir David Cox?

Many of his followers are following his footprints in statistics as he had a great impact in this field. Besides he is no more with us his name will be remembered by us for his contribution to statistics. According to the people, he was the kindest person and popular for his proportional hazards model. Many news websites and social media handles have confirmed his death news and paid respect toward the late statistician. his lovers and followers are pouring condolences and sympathies to Sir Davis’ family. After Sir Davis’s death, his followers recalled his memories and lectures which he gave during his serving.

Sir David Cox Death Cause

People are eager to know the reason behind the death of Sir David Cox but it is not revealed yet and it is speculating that the great statistician has died by a natural cause. And more information on Sir David Cox’s death has not been disclosed. We will add to this section as someone will come forth to speak on Sir Davis’ death. Let’s move on to his family and background, he was married to Joyce Drummond and both exchanged their marriage vows back in 1947 and were enjoying their life together for more than 70 years.

How did Sir David Cox die?

Sir Davis and Joyce have four children together of which three are sons and one is a daughter but their name and details are not known for now. And he had become the grandfather before dying as his children seem to be settled in their life. In his career, he had written various books and received many honorary doctorates with seven awards in his life and he remained as a part of the Department of Statistics at Oxford University where he supervised many youngsters in research. As a famous statistician of the country, it is calculated that his net worth before his death was 5 million USD which may be possessed by his children and wife.