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Who Was Shabria Furlow? Shot To Death Check Wiki Biography Cause Of Death




Recently, a piece of news came forward where it was reported that a young woman was killed by a man when she tried to break into his house. Yes, the woman has been identified as Shabria Furlow, a 23-year-old man, was shot to death by a man when she attempted a home invasion along with four other men. The shocking incident happened on January 11, 2022, in 300 Block, Lancashire Road. Reports claim that Furlow made a robbery attempt in a man’s house whose name has not been revealed by the authorities yet.

Shabria Furlow

As per reports, Furlow tried to invade the house with four men and two of them had weapons. Police reported that when the man confronted the invaders at his residence situated in Glasgow Village. Besides, it has also come forward that the man who shot the 23-year-old woman and Furlow were familiar with one another. The man knew her from Arkansas where she had several relatives. St. Louis Post-Dispatch has stated that when the shooting happened, he was just visiting his home.

Early Tuesday morning, the woman along with her companions tried to rob the house when the man shot the girl to death. As the matter was reported to the police, the man was immediately taken to the police station and was thoroughly investigated. However, it was found out that he shot the girl in his self-defence and that he was not intended to kill her. After the interrogation, the cops have stated that the man would not face any charges as what he did was in his self-defence and that he did not have any motive to end the woman’s life.

Since the man is not guilty, the officers have refrained themselves to reveal his identity to the media and the public. Talking about who was Shabria Furlow, the woman belongs to Missouri. Furlow is a mother of two children who sadly got killed in a home invasion. Sources state that Shabria lived in the 3900 Block, Brittany Circle Drive, located in Bridgeton earlier and had no records of criminal activities.

It was her first crime that ended up in her unfortunate death. Apart from this, we do not have much information about the killed woman and will update after getting any information about her. As the man shot the woman to death, the other men who were there at the scene fled. Thus, police have been trying to find out the actual motive behind the invasion.