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Who was Rory Nairn and what was his cause of death? Plumber From Dunedin died




Who was Rory Nairn and what was his cause of death? Plumber From Dunedin died: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines about a New Zealand-based plumber Rory Nairn who has passed away on 17 November 2021. The news of his demise has been circulating on social media platforms. People are shocked after getting the news of his demise. However, the cause of his death is yet to be confirmed, but his fiance revealed a controversial death cause of the plumber, she claimed in a post that Rory has died due to the Covid-19 vaccine. The netizens are searching online to know all details regarding his death. Through this article, you will get all the details about the plumber and his death. Follow More Update On

Rory Nairn

How did Rory Nairn die?

According to the reports, an official obituary of Rory’s death has been received by Tributes New Zealand, but the source didn’t reveal the reason behind his death. His initial autopsy report stated the cause of his death as of unknown cause. The news of his demise has become an issue right now since his girlfriend said that Rory was absolutely fine and healthy, he didn’t have any medical issues too. And now it is being said that he died of a cardiac arrest.

Rory Nairn Death Cause

Rory’s fiance is claiming that she lost her fiance due to the compulsory Covid-19 vaccine that is provided by the government. She shared a long note on Facebook revealing her fiance’s death. As soon as the post went viral, the netizens started talking about the mysterious death of the plumber. Rory’s fiance whose name is Ashleigh is devastated by this news.

Who was Rory Nairn?

Talking about Rory Nairn, so he was a professional plumber from Dunedin, New Zealand. He was a young and outgoing plumber from Dunedin. Before his death, he was serving as a full-time plumber. He also loved to play rugby, diving, and hunting, he used to enjoy his weekend by playing rugby, hunting, and diving on the weekends. He was full of life and a healthy person. He liked to spend time with his fiance, Ashleigh Wilson.

Rory Nairn was 26 years old at the time of his death. However, the exact date of birth is not revealed yet. He belonged to a supportive family. He was born to his parents Chris and Brett. He had a brother whose name is Jordan. He was engaged to Ashleigh Wilson on 29 May. He left his whole family and would-be wife at a very young. He died on 17 November 2021. May his soul Rest In Peace.