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Who Was Patrick Lafleur? Dead or Alive? Was Missing Canadian Boxer Death Confirmed?




You must have heard about Canadian boxer Patrick Lafleur who had gone missing some days ago. His name had occupied the top trends at that time as everyone was curious to know what happened to him and where did he go all of a sudden. Well, now, it is coming forward that the boxer has reportedly died. Yes, various sources are claiming that Patrick has passed away. Netizens are confused about the death hoax and rumours surfacing the internet about the professional boxer. It is being searched if he has died or not and what was his cause of death.

Patrick Lafleur dead

As per reports, the Toronto police department had registered the missing case of Patrick Lafleur and had started their investigation to find about him. However, the authorities couldn’t find him and now it’s reported that the missing boxer has left the world as his dead body has been found. On December 12, 2021, Patrick was seen for the last time around 11:59 PM, according to the report of Toronto police.

Who Is Patrick Lafleur?

The boxer was reportedly seen around the area of Church Street and Carlton Street on that day and ever since he went missing. The police department began the investigation and put every possible effort to find out the boxer. Patrick’s family and friends were quite worried about him and were trying to find any clue about him. Almost one week passed but the family did not get any evidence about Patrick’s whereabouts which made them concerned for his health.

Now, various kinds of rumours have spread about the missing boxer as people are assuming that he has died while some are saying that he has gone somewhere intentionally. Well, what is truth and what is a lie is not confirmed? We are also not claiming that Patrick Lafleur is dead. Talking about Patrick Lafleur, he was a professional Canadian boxer. He was popularly known as Stallion and was reportedly 37-year-old.

The Toronto based MMA boxer was known for giving great and impressive performance in the ring. Patrick has won several matches in his field and has established his name effectively. In 2011, Patrick Lafleur started his boxing career where he fought against Jeremy McNamara. It was his first match. Now, his sudden disappearance has become the subject of discussion among his well-wishers who are concerned about him. Not much is known about his missing case yet, we will update this section after getting any information.

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