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Who was Ozzie and what was his cause of death? Tributes Pour In As ‘the world’s oldest male gorilla’ dead at 61




Who was Ozzie and what was his cause of death? Tributes Pour In As ‘the world’s oldest male gorilla’ dead at 61: News about Ozzie’s death is making the headlines. You must know that Ozzie was the world’s known gorilla. He was the most famous gorilla all over the world. His death news is heartbreaking as he was the only oldest male Gorilla. The need od his death has been announced by the Zoo Atlanta on January 25th. And he was reported as the world’s third oldest male Gorilla. The staff of the zoo and the staff who were taking care of him are in grief. Follow More Update On


Who was Ozzie?

As they were connected to him the netizens are now taking over to the web to know the death cause of Ozzie. So you guys are on the right platform we will going to update you all with his death cause. The body of Ozzie has been sent for an autopsy and his death cause is still unknown which is going to be unveiled once there will be a complete investigation and the autopsy report from the officials. As per the staff of the Zoo, a 61-year-old primate has been in grief after losing his longing service the January 20.

Ozzie Death Cause

The veterinary experts were used to be proved the complete and the best care to him. Here are some of the facts about Ozzie these are announced by the Zoo Atlanta, the gorilla was survived by his family including his daughter Kuchi, sons Charlie, Kekla, and Stadi. He was even blessed with a granddaughter whose name is Andi and great-grandson Floyd and they have escorted him to Zoo.

Condolence rush in for the late Gorilla icon, Ozzie:-

After the news of the late Gorilla’s demise scattered on the web, there are several tributes rushing online. Many of the tweets are here those are reading the farewell of Ozzie and many are also celebrating his heritage. Those who visited the Zoo also recalled their meet-up experiences with him. They are sharing how he used to behave and reacted with the people.

Tweets for Ozzie:-

One of the users wrote, “I would like to thank the caretaking team of Ozzie they have their best to him, and this way they made him a legend and create his legacy too. He will be missed as the meet-up with him in the zoo was great. Respect to the staff.” One more tweet reads, “Thinking about all the caretakers of him I know this is the hardest time for them.”