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Who was Ms. Khoo Yee Joo, Malaysian Woman Found Dead In Sungei Api Api in Paris Ris




Who was Ms. Khoo Yee Joo, Malaysian Woman Found Dead In Sungei Api Api in Paris Ris – Age Parents, Photos: Took away someone’s life these days has become so easy for some of the people, that they don’t even think once before attempting a crime. When heard about the murder of a Malaysian woman our hearts shiver to know how she had been killed. A 22-year-old woman’s body was found floating in the river of Sungei Api Api in Paris Ris on Tuesday. Her body was found floating in the river at night on January 18. She was reported missing three days before her body was found. Follow More Update On

Ms. Khoo Yee Joo Malaysian Woman Pasir Ris

Who was Ms. Khoo Yee Joo?

She was a working woman and she was missing after she went off work on a Sunday evening. Ms. Khoo Yee Joo was from Kedah in Malaysia. The Singapore Civil Defence Forces stated that they received a call at 7:30 pm for assistance at Sungei Api Api as there was a floating body of the 22-year-old woman. Later when they reached the place they retrieved the body of the woman.

Ms. Khoo Yee Joo Malaysian Woman Pasir Ris

The statement by the police reads, “we had a call for assistance at 7:11 pm on Tuesday, and the woman was declared dead by the paramedics.” You guys must be curious to grasp the complete information about the victim and her death, but for this have to keep some patience because there isn’t any confirmation comes from the officials as they are still into the preliminary investigation regarding this case.

Malaysian Woman Pasir Ris Found Dead

Her death cause is a mystery yet and will remain the same till officials don’t reveal their investigation reports. Here is a statement from Ms. Khoo’s aunt, Ma Huang Yanying is 46 years old and she stated, “Khoo was last seen at the bus stand opposite Chai Chee Industrial Park when she left off work almost around 6 pm on Sunday evening.”

Ms. Khoo Yee Joo: Age, Photos and Parents

When her aunt came back home at 10 pm she founds that Ms. Huang hadn’t reached yet. After which she used to knock on the doors of the neighbors to confirm about the victim. Then victim’s aunt reported her missing at a police station almost around 2 am on Monday.

Ms. Khoo has completed her bachelor’s in Commerce accounting from the University of Tunku Abdul Rahman in Malaysia. After completing her graduation she decided to be a shift to Singapore with her aunt. So the police are involved in the deep investigation to reach at the truth of her death. They are confused about whether it was suicide or murder. Nothing is clear yet.

Stay tuned to get an update.