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Who was Kyle Wade Clinkscales, Car Found With Dead Body




Who was Kyle Wade Clinkscales, Car Found With Dead Body – Parents Family, Story On Reddit Missing Update: How difficult for a child to accept the death news of their parents. This pain is intolerable to accept and nobody can ever be imagined the death of their parents. One such death news of parents has been covered in this blog along with another case. As per the reports of the investigators, In the United States, the investigators located the 1974 Pinto that a 22-year-old pupil was driving back to Auburn University from Georgia when he disappeared more than 45 years ago. On Tuesday, the automobile of Kyle Wade Clinkscales was recovered from a stream near Cusseta, Alabama after a guy contacted 911 to report watching a vehicle. Follow More Update On

Kyle Wade Clinkscales

Who was Kyle Wade Clinkscales?

Kyle Clinkscales was born on 2nd October 1953. On 27th January 1976, he went missing. The reason for his disappearance remains is not known yet. Kyle was a 22-years-old Auburn University student at the time of his kidnapping. At the time, he was studying business. Kyle was last witnessed at the Moose Club in LaGrange, GA, working part-time as a bartender. The Moose Club, on the other side, no longer exists. He came back to the Auburn University campus, 42 miles away from LaGrange. Kyle Clinkscales never came back to the college. The automobile Clinkscales was driving, a white “74 Ford Pinto, was never located. His physique was not either. It was assumed that he disappeared and was killed as he duped Ray Hyde, a local renowned for wrongdoing in this area, out of money and narcotics.

Kyle Wade Clinkscales Parents And Family

The parents of Kyle, Louise, and John Clinkscales got a phone call in the month of March 2005 from a person asserting that he observed his grandpa dumping a barrel into a pond when Kyle was 7-years-old. The only known family members of Kyle Wade were John Dixon Clinkscales and Mary Louise Davenport Clinkscales. He informed his parents that a body was swathed within the barrel. An apprehend was made based on the details. The caller informed the parents of Kyle that he and his grandfather had been menaced and would be killed if they opened their mouths.

Kyle Wade Clinkscales Missing Case

In the year 2005, a 35-year-old man contacted the parents of Kyle and provided critical detail regarding the case. He informed them that he viewed the body of Kyle being disposed of when he was just 7. The killer of Kyle was Ray Hyde who passed away in the year 2001. The body of Kyle, he asserted was covered with cement, packed in a barrel, and discarded in a private pond.