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Who was Keona Holley and what was her death reason? Baltimore officer dead after being shot




Who was Keona Holley and what was her death reason? Baltimore officer dead after being shot: A piece of sad news appeared online which showcased that a cop has been passed away. As per the latest report, a Baltimore City cop named Keona Holley has passed away following a week of life support after she was shot in the head at the time of her overtime. She was a brave police officer who wanted to make a difference. The mother of 4 children only joined the service 2 years prior with the goal to bring a change in the beautiful city that she loved. Baltimore has lost a caring and kind person who gave her everything to make a difference in the place. Follow More Update On

Keona Holley

The Baltimore Sun now reports that the lady cop is no more after she was taken out of life support. The police department, along with many fellow colleagues in the department, started expressing and sharing condolences and good wishes for her family. In this blog, we are covering the details of the late officer.

Who was Keona Holley?

Keona Holley was a passionate and dedicative police officer hailed from Baltimore city, who was assassinated with a gunshot at the time of her overtime patrol. It was last week that the lady police officer was trapped in her petrol car. She was shot in the head at the time of the attack and was instantly admitted to the hospital.

The gunshot in the head is often very serious and critical. The doctor earlier informed the rare chance of survival. It was similar in the case of Keona. She was rushed to the hospital and was kept on life support at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. Though there were no signs of recovery and she passed away only moments she was taken out from the support system, in consultation with her family.

What Was Keona Holley Cause Of Death?

The death cause of Keona Holley was the gunshot that she got in the head at the time of her overtime patrol. She took her last breath at the Trauma Center moments after the doctors after consulting her family, removed the lady cop from life support. The actual perpetrator behind the incident is not discovered yet while the prime suspect remains a man named Travon Shaw.

The officers at the time of the video investigation discovered a suspect whose name is Elliot Knox. Even Knox accepted his participation in the incident and stated that it was Shaw who assassinated Holley as well as another man, Justin Johnson, who was assassinated 90 minutes after Keona.