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Who was JStash and what was his cause of death? Florida Rapper JStash Death Video Explained




Who was JStash and what was his cause of death? Florida Rapper JStash Death Video Explained: The report is that Florida-based rapper J $tash has been found involved in a murder case of his girlfriend. That is the reason J $tash is in the headlines of the news. This matter sounds serious when everyone gets to know that J $tash allegedly killed his girlfriend and after decided to suicide. This matter picking up speed on the internet as J $tash was a well-known guy. Reports say that this tragedy took place in Temple City. There is a lot more below to know about this case. Follow More Update On

Florida Rapper JStash

Who was Florida Rapper JStash?

Lieutenant Derrick Alfred confirmed the reports which say this is the incident of Temple City. According to the police statements, J $tash killed her girlfriend whose name was Jeanette Gallegos and she was just 27 years old and also the mother of three kids after he take on himself with the gun. J $tash is a popular name of Justin Joseph who was in a live-in relationship with Jeanette Gallegos for the last few months. Some media reports claimed that police conclude that the couple was entangled in an argument than in the hot temperature of the matter rapper grabbed his girlfriend to the master bedroom and locked the gate. Police also stated that Jeanetta’s three kids aged eleven, nine, and seven were knocking on the gate as they were frightened by rapper J $tash’s behavior.

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Florida Rapper JStash Death Cause

Children tried to stop the argument and they also called their grandmother to help them but at seven o’clock they heard the gunfire after that they called the police. After police arrived, the officers forced the gate to open it and inside the room, they found both on the floor said, Lieutenant Derrick Alfred. Police informed the local media and radio stations that the victim girl and rapper, both were shot by a gun, the girl’s corpse sustained numerous shots and the rapper seemed to have suicide or shot himself with the gun.

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Florida Rapper JStash Death Video Explained

Police also confirmed that Jeanetta’s kids are staying with other’s families for now. J $tash aka Justin Joseph was grown up in South Florida before New York, he was born in New York also. J $tash also told in an interview with Crack Magazine that his massive plans and his music career were just his way of getting fame. He had plans to build the company and open stores throughout the country. He also mentioned Lil Wayne’s name in his speech as he helped him in rapping.

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People are getting so impatient to know about a rapper J Stash. As he has been killed himself and after this, it is making the news headlines. So the people are eagerly getting curious to know the reason behind it. The most searched question on the net is “why rapper J. Stash kill himself?” So you guys must we wondering if he was a victim but let us tell you guys that he had been a suspect, which made him a victim too. You must be wondering how is it possible and what exactly we are talking about.

What has happened to J Stash?

Here is the news about the rapper that he had been killed himself after killing a mother of three kids. He has been passed away in New Year. Yes it is so shocking and even it is unavailable but it is true and in the article, we will going to inform you about the complete detail on the same. He has been killed a woman in front of her kids.

This is the most disheartening news which is circulating all over the web and the netizens are searching for some so in this article your search is going to end. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has been given a response to such inappropriate domestic violence. The officials have received a call and when they reached the incident spot they get to know that the rapper was first killed by a woman and after this, he had been shot himself. The woman who was killed by the rapper was 27 years old, her name was Jeanette Gallegos and the rapper was at the age of 28.

The rapper has first killed a woman and then he used to shoot himself. As per Lt. Derrick Alfred, “the kids were with a witness and they have been claimed that it was a suicide and tech murder too.”

Well as per the sources Jeanette and the rapper were dating each other but this is yet to be confirmed. So the police are involved in the preliminary investigation of the case is still going on. So you guys just have to wait till the police unveiled the investigation reports of the case. The rapper was dedicatedly focusing on his career but he had been losing his temper and killed a woman after this in this guilty he also shoots himself.



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