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Who was Jonel Nuezca and what was his cause of death? Killer ex-cop dies inside Bilibid




Who was Jonel Nuezca and what was his cause of death? Killer ex-cop dies inside Bilibid: A piece of news is hitting the headlines and getting much attention from the viewers. The news is about a dismissed police officer who has passed away recently. He is said to have died in prison. The news of his demise has been circulating on social media platforms and several netizens are reacting to it continuously. The name of the dismissed police officer was Jonel Nuezca who was a former Philippine Police officer. His family is in deep grief after getting the news of his demise. Our deepest condolences to his family and dear ones. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about Jonel Nuezca. Follow More Update On

Jonel Nuezca

Who was Jonel Nuezca?

As per the sources, Jonel Nuezca was a former Philippine officer who was found guilty of killing his neighbours. Reportedly, he was charged with two murders in December 2020. Eight months later, the conviction of the case came out on 26 August 2021. Jonel was found guilty of killing his neighbours Sonia Gregoriaand Frank Anthony Gregorio. In addition, Jonel shot them following a heated argument on the use of Boga or improvised firecracker intensified. On Tuesday (30 November), he was pronounced dead at night when his cellmates found him unconscious and he was taken to the New Bilibid Prison Hospital.

Jonel Nuezca Death Cause

As soon as the news of his passing broke out, it made headlines on the internet. Many people were shocked after getting the news. As per the reports of the BuCor, he had dizziness before his death. The news of his death was announced by the Bureau of Corrections. He died on 30 November, after which he has undergone an autopsy to find out the cause of his death. So, the exact cause of his death is not known as it is still under investigation. Whenever it will be confirmed by the officials, we’ll let you know for sure.

Jonel Nuezca is a former police officer who was accused of two murders in 2020. He was sentenced to around 40 years in prison in August 2021 as he killed his neighbours Sonia Gregorio and Frank Anthony Rufino Gregorio by shooting them. At that time, the whole incident was captured in a video that went viral on social media platforms. After this incident, he was dismissed from his post. He was also regretted whatever he did. After that, now he made headlines when his death news surfaced on the internet. Jonel was married to Leilanie Aquino Nuezca with whom he had one daughter Elisha Aquino Nuezca. He passed away on 30 November. May his soul Rest In Peace.