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Who was John Mueller and what was his cause of death? Texas BBQ legend dead aged 52




Who was John Mueller and what was his cause of death? Texas BBQ legend dead aged 52: With a heavy heart, we are sharing the sudden demise news of a popular figure. As per the latest report, John Mueller, the successor of the famous and well-reputed barbeque family in Texas has recently passed away. He carried the history of his family with Louie Mueller Barbecue. When John Mueller’s heir successor Louie Muelle Barbecue, he had big shoes to fill as he had to maintain the standard of the restaurant as it was previously famous. Though he did not just maintain that but also made a bigger name for himself on his own. Follow More Update On

John Mueller

John was well-respected in the restaurant business community for his business and with capability. Almost everyone who enjoys fine Barbeque in Texas has been at least once in John’s.

John Mueller Death Cause

John Mueller has passed away at the age of 52, but the cause of his sudden demise is not publicly revealed by his family. Individuals are shocked by the sudden news of his death, so there have not been any speculations regarding the cause of the demise. To get accurate details behind the reputed pitmaster, official details from the family will be required.

John Mueller

Though, the family is going through such a tragedy that they are still processing the news. John Mueller has a legacy that several people respect. Several people have taken social media to view homage and condolence to him.

Who was John Mueller? Wife, and Age

Not many details about the life of John Mueller are available to the public as he lived quite secretive life outside the spotlight. Though it is rumored that he has tied the wedding knot two times. He divorced his first wife in the year 1999, and after a few months, he began dating a fellow employee with him run away. That became the reason for a conflict between him and his father, Bobby Mueller. As a consequence, he gave up his portion in family restaurants. His father was a legendary barbeque possessor and was extremely respected. John has 3 sons, Johnson, Andrew Mueller, and Robert. The names of John are carried further by his sons.

John Mueller Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

The accurate estimation of the net worth of John Mueller is not available; though he was a successful pitmaster, so he must be worth above than $500,000. The majority of his assets are due to his barbeques. John began his career in the food industry when he used to help his dad in their family restaurants at the age of 8. After that, he learned to know how to use barbeque from his father. He was also very close to his grandfather.