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Who was Gretta Vedler and what was her cause of death? Russian Model Found Dead




Who was Gretta Vedler and what was her cause of death? how did she die? Age, Instagram, Family, Russian Model Found Dead: Gretta Vedler, a Russian Model recently abuse Putin openly on social media and called him a Psychopath. Now, her body was dead and found in the suitcase. Her ex-boyfriend confessed to the murder. Her body was hidden for so many days and cops are searching for her. It took one year to find her body. Before that, her parents filed a complaint about missing so many days. She thought that calling president Vladimir Putin a psychopath leads to stopping the war between both countries. And predicting abusing openly in public will end this tragedy. But this didn’t work for her. As a result, she got herself into trouble. Follow More Update On

Gretta Vedler

Who was Gretta Vedler? Age, Instagram

Reports say her ex-boyfriend murdered her. Gretta was killed by her ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, who confessed to strangling her after an argument over money in Moscow. There are no links to political views or opinions on Putin. Officials say Korovin slept in the same room as Vidler’s corpse. He confessed it. He also revealed that Korovin has slept with her three times with her corpse. After that, he took her body to the Lipetsk region and left her abandoned in a car for over a year. But not only this. He also posted the photos and videos in very good condition to make sure that she was alive and existed in the midst of all of us. Official identified that her age is around 23 years old.

Gretta Vedler Death Cause

When she first met him, she thinks he was the best partner in her life. He always takes care of me, always supports me. If I were sad then he allowed me to go the Disney world and enjoy the scenes. But she was never aware of his dark actions which he tries to do with her. Her friends believed that God has given you the best choice. Stay happy, stay thankful and always stay with him. He never did something wrong with her. He does not even beat her.

Gretta Vedler: Russian Model Found Dead

But after one year, things are going a little different now. Before he met him, and after meeting him there was a change which I can clearly see in himself. He started misbehaving, always hiding things from her. He never gets to the point. Sometimes he tries to beat me with the bats and hammer which is so painful. But I can’t stand on my own after all he was my ex-partner and I wanted to stay with him forever.

A Russian model Gretta Vedler has been found dead after calling the Russian President a psychopath found dead inside the suitcase. The body of Russian model Gretta Vedler has been found in a suitcase almost after a year. her death has been represented as a suicide but she did not attempt suicide but she would be killed by her boyfriend. The Russian model was missing for almost a year. Velder was killed after calling the Russian president a psychopath and predicting that his campaign to Improve Russia’s integrity would end in tragedy.

Who killed Russian model Gretta Vedler?

As per the report, the Russian model has been murdered by her own boyfriend Dmitry Korovin. Dmitry Korovin actually confesses the crime after an argument over money in         Moscow. after checking the profile of Russian model Gretta Vidler, there are no links to her political views or opinion on Putin.

What did Dmitry Korovin confess and how did he kill Vidler?

Dmitry Korovin admitted that he murdered Vidler one year ago. he revealed that he slept in a hotel room for three nights with her corpse which was in a suitcase. after that he took her body to the Lipetsk region and left it in the boot of a car for more than a year. Rather than he was continuously posting photos and messages on Vidler’s social media account so nobody could be suspect of him and everyone thought that she is alive.

Why did people are connecting her death to the Russian President?

This is not the first time when someone’s death is related to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Many times Russian President’s name has been connected to many Russian ladies and as per the report who tried to oppose him, she had to lose her life. so there is no possibility that in the death of the model Russian President could not be connected.

As we know, Ukraine and Russian war is going through more than 15 days, and thousands of people have died in the war. The world knows very well that, Russia is a powerful nation and it is being heavy on Ukraine and countries do not want the victory of Russia. so it could be a strategy against the Russian President or could be true. noting could be said right now. Many countries have been already taken many restrictions on Russia to stop wor including with Canada and United Kingdom. so nothing could be predicted now.