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Who was Chase Harrison and what was his cause of death? Sixth Hillcrest school victim dead




Who was Chase Harrison and what was his cause of death? Sixth Hillcrest school victim dead: A piece of news is coming into the headlines that are about a tragic incident in a school. Yes, you read it right that six children have lost their lives in this incident. The news of this incident has been circulating over the internet. People are shocked after hearing the news. It is heartbreaking news for all those families who have lost their children in the incident. The news went viral already on the internet. People have been sharing their opinion on the matter. The netizens are searching for the details of the matter. In this article, we are going to give you all the information regarding the incident. Follow More Update On

Chase Harrison

Chase Harrison Death Cause

As per the sources, Hillcrest Primary School is facing the tragic deaths of six children. The incident took place when the kids were playing at a jumping castle and the wind blew it away, getting tangled in a tree. It was predicted that the children fell down from at least 10 meters of height. The family members of the family have been devastated by the news of the incident. Earlier, there were some reports that five children have become the victim in this tragic incident, however, later, the police reported that there is one more child who has lost his life.

Who was Chace Harrison?

As per the sources, Chace Harrison is one of the six children who lost their lives in the incident. The boy was seriously injured in the incident and was immediately taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was admitted to the Royall Hobart Hospital. The police officers who have been investigating the case have expressed their condolences for the victims’ families. The incident has happened in Tasmania when the kids were having fun by playing at a jumping castle.

Chase Harrison: Sixth Hillcrest school victim dead

Chace Harrison is an 11 years old boy who took his last breath in the hospital after being injured during the incident. The incident happened in Hillcrest Primary School. Since the news went viral on social media, People have been giving soulful tributes to him. Some people are also raising funds to help the victims’ families. Chace Harrison’s family is going through a tough time, even all families. The victims have been identified as Chace Harrison, Zane, Jye, Jalailah, Peter, and Addison. Everyone is shocked after this incident in the school. We hope that the families will come out of this sorrow soon. May the souls receive peace in heaven.

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