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Who was CharlestheFirst and what was his cause of death? Music Producer Dead at 25




Who was CharlestheFirst and what was his cause of death? Music Producer Dead at 25: Another unexpected death news hit the headlines of the newspapers and put everyone in deep mourning. Cops have found DJ Charles The First passed away in a hotel room in Nashville, but they are still investigating the cause of the demise. CharlesTheFirst, also known as Charles Elias Ingalls, was a popular DJ and music producer who developed a danceable sound rooted in fanciful and psychedelia by fusing his organic hip hop roots with luxuriant and experimental electronic composition. Let’s get more about this death news. Follow More Update On


How did CharlestheFirst die?

The investigators are currently waiting for the postmortem results to know the reason for the demise of the death of DJ Charles The First. As per the report of Fox 17 News that he has discovered dead by a friend on a Friday morning in a hotel on McGavock Pike. Investigators did not find any proof or evidence of trauma in his body. So, they are waiting for the examiner to provide them with postmortem and toxicology results. He was there to plan a show on Saturday night. Some individuals speculated that the baffling and mysterious demise might result from a drug overdose.

CharlestheFirst Death Cause

Though the netizens made some guesses, and there is no official confirmation. Nonetheless, the death of the young artist has left everyone shattered and shocked. Lab Group declared the news throughout a tweet. They wrote that they had to declare the demise of Charles The First with a heavy heart. He died in his sleep. They further added, he made more notable impacts in the life of individuals who knew him and were around him. Many other admirers and friends have paid him tribute. They have expressed their mourning on social media.

Our deep thoughts are also with his family and God gives that they can bear this pain.

Who was CharlestheFirst?

Charles The First has passed away at the early age of 25. He was born in the year 1996 in the Sierra Nevada mountains. However, he died, his legacy will remain alive through his music and memory in the hearts of the people. He was the co-founder of Lab Group and a music producer as well. He has touched several hearts through his music. He was a promising EDM DJ who was slowly rising to fame.

Charles The First does not have a profile on Wikipedia as of now. Though he began to produce music when he was 14 years old. He had 2 older siblings and he made music with his brother’s friend. In the month of August 2014, Charles released his debut project. In the month of April 2016, he get the attention for his 4th album, Running Through the Forest, which was inspired by the previous 4 months of his life.