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Who Was Capslockfaren Maguad Siblings? Dead Body Pictures Images Revealed On Social Media?




Once again, Twitter is remaining the subject of discussion among the users who are making their daily appearances on the app along with the rest of the social media platforms. Recently, a case popped out on Social Media which grabbed immense attention as the username called Capslockfaren is remaining the hot discussion after being suspended. Reportedly the issue behind said to infringement of rules by posting sensitive photos of Mahuad Siblings dead body remains, many shocking statements are coming along with some unknown facts regarding the case, so below you can get the vital information behind the incident.


According to the reports, it was a heinous crime that was executed by someone who beat up 18-years-old Crizzle Gwynn Maguad and her younger brother to their unexpected death. As soon as the news is catching the heat many reactions of the users are taking place on social media, because the people are urging to the concerned department so that, they can take strict actions against the culprits, who became the cause of somebody’s unexpected passing. Because no one has a right to kill someone in such a manner, therefore, everyone is seeking justice for both.


Reportedly, Crizzle Gwynn Muguad and her younger brother are found dead mysteriously at their residence, she was only two years elder than her brother. at the time of their passing their parents were not present in the house. But as soon as their arrival took place, they got shocked enough because nothing is more heartwrenching to lose our close one. Therefore, everyone is going through a great shock even their familiar ones are praying for their soul and family, so that, they could not get affected more. But at the same time, everyone is requesting the police department to find out the culprit who is behind all this.

If the reports are to be considered, so the Filipinos and the member of the family urge everyone on social media to refrain from transferring the viral clip and photos of the dead bodies, due to the intention of security. On the other hand, the survivor of the incident has confirmed the news, by mentioning that she is lucky enough as she locked herself in the room when the incident occurred, survivor was identified as Janica Sebial who is just 17-years-old. However, she did not unleash many things regarding the incident as she is in shock.