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Who Is Whitney Leavitt On Tiktok? Viral Video Of Mom Dances Next To Hospitalized Baby




Who Is Whitney Leavitt On Tiktok? Viral Video Of Mom Dances Next To Hospitalized Baby: Tiktok platform became the most popular place to get popularity. One such tiktoker seized the attention and created controversy. The name of the tiktoker is Whitney Whitney Leavitt is a family content uploader from the TikTok platform who has recently been in the spotlight. She uploaded a video on her official TikTok account which viewed her dancing in weird steps before her kid, who was allegedly admitted into the hospital. The lady was sharply ridiculed for the lack of passion in her moves, the varied and fluctuating emotions, the lack of expressionism, and more than her lacking concern for her ill baby. Follow More Update On

Whitney Leavitt

Who Is Whitney Leavitt On Tiktok?

Watchers fastly added sardonic and sharp comments to her video such as “This took me to the other dimension”, “Is the Baby Even Fine?”, and “TikTok is such a weird and horrible place.” The netizens start searching to know more about her and in this blog, we are providing some details related to her.

Whitney Leavitt TikTok Video Explained

Whitney Leavitt is quite active on Tiktok and the mother of one who has been impaled to the fueled controversy after dancing prior to her illness and hospitalized child. Whitney has been pretty active on TikTok and she selected the same platform to upload the eccentric dance video that viewed her response towards the degrading health of her baby. The video viewed her kissing the baby first on his forehead and then she gestured a heart sign with her hand.

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In a fast turn of events, she goes on into an untamed dance vibe or a mode and starts dancing to the little confusing beat. Whitney Leavitt is not a new name to the community of TikTok as she has been uploading many great short clips and vines for her audience from her official account on TikTok. She has gathered a massive 475.1k followers on her account and consists of over a hundred posts.

Whitney Leavitt

Her total like counts for her TikTok profile stands at a huge 32.4 million. Likewise, she has 133 of her close peers, relatives, and fellow TikTokers in her short following list.

Whitney Leavitt

Debated Content Of Whitney Leavitt-Viral Video Of Mother Dancing In Front Of Her Baby

The content of the video showcased her dancing to deviated dancing beats and at the same time also states to the watchers about the worsening condition of her kid’s health. A text caption is followed throughout the video that shows the information of the baby who is admitted into the hospital, the issues, and the complications of the matter. In the viral video, the text layout follows her dance and describes how the baby was suffering from a respiratory virus (RSV) and was developing complications at the time of breathing.

Whitney Leavitt Whitney Leavitt Whitney Leavitt Whitney Leavitt Whitney Leavitt



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