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Who Is Vyvianna Quinonez? California Woman Flight Attendant Arrested Video




Recently an Airline crew member named Vyvianna Quinonez is gathering the attention of the people but not for good reasons. Well, there is a controversy behind this attention that took place at the time when the California based woman involved in a brawl with a flight attendant at the time was assisting the passengers. Some of the passengers had even recorded the improper behaviour of the woman due to which she was currently facing the consequences in court. The video of the woman fighting with a flight attendant was even circulating all over the Internet and getting various reactions. Get more information on Who is Vyvianna Quinonez.

Vyvianna Quinonez

According to the reports, the flight attendant was asking Quinonez to wear the mask properly, but instead of obeying the crew member, the woman was involved in a fight with her and even punch her. It is being said by her mother that the flight attendant wasn’t behaving mannerly to Quinonez, she wasn’t fighting initially but when the flight attendant continue with her behaviour Quinonez lashed out at her and punched her on her face multiple times clearly seen in the video.

Who Is Vyvianna Quinonez?

Quinonez was interrupted by one of the passengers who come between her and the attendant. Along with beating it also seems in the video that the attendant face started bleeding who later went to complain regarding Quinonez and then shifted to the hospital where she got treatment. As the result of the complaint of the flight attendant, Quinonez was arrested by the Police authority and even proceeded to court where she was found guilty of assaulting an on-duty flight attendant. The court put an immense fine on her and a conviction that might last up to 20 years.

The entire incident had been taken place on 23rd May 2021 and as of now, Quinonez was released on bond. She got bailed of around $35,000. The 28 years old woman said that she wasn’t involved in the fight first but the flight attendant was quite unprofessional, the attendant was even shouted at the lady the behaviour was not supposed by a flight attendant as they ought to be polite and generous to the passengers.

Although getting out of control and engaged in a physical fight is a violation of law for which Quinonez is facing consequences nowadays. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.