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Who is Vera Mekuli, Rookie cop who gave lap dances at police party video viral




Who is Vera Mekuli, Rookie cop who gave lap dances at police party video viral: A video of Vera Mekuli and Nick McGarrys getting viral all over the internet and they are now becoming the hottest topic on the web to be discussed. While the video is consists of something so inappropriate in it. Now your curiosity level just is high after reading this and on the article below we will go to unveil each and everything regarding this vital video of them. So you guys are on the right platform and in the article below you will also get to know about the girl inside the video. Follow More Update On


Vera Mekuli

Who is Vera Mekuli?

So a video has emerged from the 44oth Box precinct of the New York police. So in a video, we will get to see that, he had been sitting on a chair after which a woman grinds on top of him, and she is in a mini skirt. And he has been seen smiling.” This video is now scattered all over social media platforms. He is in white shorts and when a girl comes to him and tried to do the step on him he also used to grab her from her belly. And the video of their dance is shooted by the people who were at a party.

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Vera Mekuli Video Explained

So a woman inside a video is still unknown and the police are deeply investigating the video. So he jas been resigned from his post after this video gets viral all over the internet. The netizens are still sharing the video on their social platforms. So when the video gets viral it is known that the girl inside a video keeps on crying when she has been caught in a video.

Vera Mekuli

After this, her dad passed a statement about his daughter in which he has been said that “my daughter has been confessed me for something which is so embarrassing for her and she is in guilt after this. And she has been keep o crying after confessing her mistake. She is young and she doesn’t know that the guy is married and she does not even know that he is a lieutenant.”

Well, it is pretty much clear that her father is supporting her but she is wrong and he must have made her understand that she should be and must in a discipline. But in this, we will also get to see that the officer is also enjoying a dance and he has equally participated in this act. So we can’t only blame a single person.



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