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Who Is The IG Model Hot Sauce? Name Revealed




PHOTOS: Who Is The IG Model Hot Sauce? Name Revealed: There is the most viral statement from a model is going on all over the social media platforms. So one the Instagram model has been claimed over the social platform that the superstar and renowned singer Drake put a hot sauce into his condoms. Yes, you have read it right, the model released this hot statement which is a viral topic on the web now. So she might be his sexual partner which wants a child from him. But this act of him stops her to do so.

Ig Model Hot Sauce Name

IG Model Hot Sauce Name

So after the pair had sex he put a hot sauce in his used protection. This is the most hotels topic all over the world and is being discussed by his fans on social media platforms. The model claimed this in her Tuesday’s story She said that she snuck inside a bathroom after he had been rid of the precautions and he tried to impregnate herself. As per eth further reports, “Drake was in a party with the model and then they both went to his hotel where they fell for each other. They smoked first marijuana and later were engaged in the consensual s*x.”

She further told that “he went to the bathroom to dispose of the precautions the model realized that there is a hot sauce rather than what it must have consist of.