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Who Is The Everton Player Arrested? Charges Explained




Premier League Footballer Arrested: Who Is The Everton Player Arrested? Charges Explained: Don’t know what’s wrong with people these days, they fearlessly are committing crimes without the fear. Especially the arrest news of popular footballer is becoming a piece of common news to read these days. One another a Premier League footballer in England was apprehended on suspicion of accused child s*x offenses on the 16th of July. The footballer in question is a member of the top English Premier League club Everton and he has already been suspended by the club pending further probe. On Monday, Everton released a statement regarding the same matter, asserting that the club has “suspended a First Team player”. Follow More Update On

England Rugby Star Arrested

Premier League Footballer Arrested

As per the report in Mbl Dot is, the player apprehended was Gylfi Sigurdsson who used to play for the Icelandic national team. One another report by Stundin newspaper of Iceland said that many British newspapers had reported the apprehended after earlier sans mentioning Gylfi by name. Everton states in its statement that “Everton can assert it has suspended a First-Team player pending a police probe. The club will resume supporting the authorities with their inquiries and will not be creating any further statement at this time.”

Greater Manchester cops allegedly apprehended Gylfi Sigurdsson earlier this month. The police of Greater Manchester asserted that the apprehend of a 31-years-old man on suspicion of child s*x offenses in a released statement. The arraigned player has been released on bail “pending inquiries”.

Why was Premier League Footballer Arrested?

Earlier, the police disclosed a few information about the arraigned to the media, including the fact that he is a tycoon who plays for a Premier League Club and also represents his country on a daily basis. Greater Manchester cops stated in a statement reads that “Officers apprehended a 31-years-old man on Friday, 16th Of July 2021 on suspicion of child s*x misconducts and offenses. He is on police bail pending further inquiries.”

Cops raided his home and apprehended the player last year in July and his bail was extended back in the month of October to this month. Now his bail period once again has been extended, this time until this coming Wednesday, as asserted by Greater Manchester Police. The name of the player has not been disclosed due to legal reasons remaining suspended by his club.

An Everton star got his bail extended after being arrested on suspicion of child sex offenses. Yes, you read it right that an Everton footballer who was arrested on suspicion of child sex offenses, got his bail extended. This news has been going viral on social media and receiving much attention from the netizens. It is not the first when his bail has been extended, prior to this, his bail was extended two times. Do several people want to know what exactly happened? People have been searching to know more details about the matter. Here, you will get all the needed information regarding his arrest and the cause of his arrest.

Who Is The Everton Player Arrested?

According to the reports, an Everton football was arrested after being accused of child sex offenses. However, later, he was released on bail. The police raided the player’s house and detained him last year in July. His bail was extended from October to January 2022. And now, the period of his bail has been extended again, until the coming Wednesday, reported by the Greater Manchester Police. Everyone is waiting for the next hearing, to know what will happen with him. Still, it is not revealed whether he was found guilty of the charges or not.

However, the name of the Everton footballer is not revealed due to some legal reasons. After this incident, he was suspended by his club who is helping the police with their investigation of the case. A statement was released by the club at the time of his suspension that reads, “Everton can confirm it has suspended a player pending a police investigation. The Club will continue to support the authorities with their inquiries and will not be making any further statement at this time.”

Everton Player Arrested Charges 

The player is yet to be charged with any offenses. We are waiting for the identity of the player get revealed. The case has been investigated in a very secretive manner. There is no information has been made regarding the identity of the player. However, it is not the first time that a sports person came to the headlines for sexual assault. Prior to him, there are many similar cases that have come to the light about the players. We are continuously trying to catch more details about the matter. We will update our readers soon with further updates. Stay connected with us for further updates.

However, cops have not yet charged the player with any crimes.