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Who Is Stephanie Matto? 90 Day Fiance Star Suffers Heart Attack After Selling Farts Net Worth Instagram




In a world where nothing is impossible and everything gets sold, here is a name that has been earning for a while for the fresh business and start-up idea. Well, saying this won’t be bad that only fresh thing that we are talking about is Idea and except for this, there is nothing that we can consider as a fresh thing because we are talking about Stephanie Matto who recently retired from her own job after getting a heart stock for the production of her products.

Who Is Stephanie Matto? 90 Day Fiance Star Suffers Heart Attack After Selling Farts Net Worth Instagram

So, the lady named Stephanie Matto just retired from her job where she usually fills jars with her farts, and the most amazing thing is that people do purchase those jars and even some people give her back to redeem those empty jars. Well, No doubt that her life was going well with her fart business but suddenly her business, or better say her farts got an evil eye and as a result, her business got a massive downfall because she had recently been through a cardiac arrest that has shaken her from toe to forehead. Well, you must be keen to know about the fart seller.

Who Is Stephanie Matto?

Surprisingly her business was expanded from 0 to thousands and that was too quickly but not every time you stay happy with your business so some health issues she met with and her business has been stopped or maybe went on a pause. The former 90 Day Fiancé star who made £38,000 a week just from selling jars filled with her own farts has been rushed to the hospital. The 31 years old actress started this business having a plan to get the immense attention of the audience but it turned into an amazing benefit given the idea. In a statement, she said, “I thought it’d be a hilarious publicity move that would get a lot of people’s attention”.

You would be shocked to know that her kind of fragrance selling business got so popular that she had to pack around 50 jars filled with farts per week. As a result, the star had to go to the hospital due to chest pains which she thought could have been a heart attack. When she was asked about her health so in a statement she said “I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments. I was overdoing it,” So, for her fans or customers, it is a piece of the sad news that you guys had nothing to sniff now.