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Who Is Riyaz Hussein From Toronto Police and why was he arrested? charges explained




Who Is Riyaz Hussein From Toronto Police and why was he arrested? charges explained: Riyaz Hussain is currently in the headlines who is the high-rank officer in the Toronto Police department, as he was charged with impaired driving, impaired driving means to operate the mother vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Riyaz Hussain’s arrest news wondered the citizens of the city and made them curious whether he was behind the bars or suspended from his post. Read the full article and explore this incident, in addition here, you will get to know about Riyaz Hussain’s Wikipedia, age, and family details. Follow More Update On

Riyaz Hussein

Who Is Riyaz Hussein From Toronto Police?

Riyaz Hussain is a high ranked police officer in Toronto and a few days ago he was charged with impaired while driving, currently, he is 54 years old man and he lives with his wife and family but their details have not been released to the media by the official as it is a matter of privacy. Superintendent of police Toronto Riyaz Hussain was charged after an accident in Pickering as per On Friday Kerry Schmidt, a sergeant of Ontario Provincial Police said on Twitter that a vehicle collided with a delivery truck from the backside on Thursday at Highway 401 eastbound Brock Road in which Riyaz Hussain got some minor injuries.

Why was Riyaz Hussein Arrested?

After the accident police checked him and he was drunk at that moment as he failed to pass the BAC test which is used to check the alcohol content in the blood according to a police report and then he was hospitalized at the nearby hospital because he got some minor injuries and later declared fine as medically and his breath sample is the proof of his accusations but Schmidt did not reveal the name of the accused but according to some inside sources of the case that man was Riyaz Hussain.

As per the source he worked for 33 years for Toronto Police and he is on his suspension with pay and he will have to appear in court on 10th February. Riyaz Hussain is charged with reckless driving and impaired driving in an accident case according to Ontario Provincial Police’s tweet. The officer in command of force’s disciplinary office will face the quasi-judicial tribunal for his misbehavior and illegal offenses like drinking and drive. For now, that’s all on this case which is gaining the attention of people, we will add further details s soon as we get something big in our hands stay tuned for more updates on this news.