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Who Is Ricky Waumsley, Stephen Port Victim Case




Who Is Ricky Waumsley, Stephen Port Victim Case – Daniel Whitworth Partner:  A murder case is coming to the light that is gaining much attention from people. It is the 2014 murder case in which a young chef was murdered by a serial killer. In 2014, the case had received immense responses from local people and the netizens as well. Many people are aware of this case and continuously reacted to the case. It seems like the murder case is still unsolved and the chef’s partner believes that the Police were biased in his death. Several people are now seeking details to know the matter better, and also want to know about the chef’s partner. In this article, we are going to give you all the information about the murder case and the chef’s partner. Follow More Update On

Ricky Waumsley


Who Is Ricky Waumsley?

As per the sources, a young chef Daniel Whitworth was murdered by Stephen Port, a serial killer, in 2014. The chef was given a hard dose of GHB, a date rape drug, during a 16 months killing spree. On that day, not only chef Daniel was killed, but all there were three other victims who were also killed by the serial killer. All four victims were in their late 20s and the victims were Anthony Walgate, Jack Taylor, Daniel Whitworth, and Gabriel Kovari. Four of them were killed due to the overdoses of GHB. Later, Stephen Port has thrown their bodies near his flat in Barking.

Who is Daniel Whitworth Partner Ricky Waumsley?

Daniel was in a relationship with Ricky Waumsley at the time of his death. They both were in their early 20s in 2014. They both were a gay couple. Currently, Ricky must be in his late 20s. Daniel was murdered by a serial killer, Stephen Port. As per the reports, Daniel met Ricky in Margate when he went on a trip over there, while, Ricky was already staying there. After a year, they both moved in together in 2011. In 2014, Ricky was serving for a pharmaceutical company.

During the murder case of Daniel, Ricky revealed that the police had thrown out him because the pair was an unmarried gay couple.  Apart from this, they didn’t even let him see the suicide note left by Daniel until a year has passed. Before Daniel’s death, the couple was living in Kent.

On 18 September 2014, when he was serving as a chef in Canary Wharf in London, he came to his home. Later, he was found dead in a churchyard in Barking that was a few distances away from where another victim Gabriel was discovered dead some weeks before. The investigators found a letter and declared that Daniel has committed suicide but it was a fake letter written by the serial killer. The police department didn’t investigate the case properly.