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Who Is Raphy Pina? Latin Music Executive Found Guilty Of Illegal Possession Of Weapons




It seems that Raphy Pina has been surrounded with major controversies nowadays after getting alleged for illegal possession of firearms. The allegations have been proved on the rapper in Puerto Rico by a jury. According to the latest reports, the case regarding the illegally keeping weapons of Pina has proceeded on 22 December. All the pieces of evidence and eyewitness pointed against the rapper. The hearing was held at San Juan’s US Federal Court building. Apart from Pina, the case includes seven women and five men. Get more information regarding Raphy Pina found guilty of illegal possession of firearms.

Who Is Raphy Pina? Latin Music Executive Found Guilty Of Illegal Possession Of Weapons

Besides, in the court proceeding, Pina will start serving his sentence by 1 April by honourable judge Francisco Besosa and it assumed that the sentenced could be served 20 years old sentence. As of now, he will remain under house arrest and need to wear an ankle monitor all the time to avoid consequences. In addition to this Daddy, Yankee was also present in the courtroom and in the end, the rapper said that he respect the decision of the court. The statement is released by Daddy Yankee’s manager.

Raphy Pina To Face 20 Years Of Prison

Yankee also said that Pina is facing tough times these days. He added that he is glad that he got a chance to celebrate the new year along with his family and friends. Following this Pina also addressed all of his fans through Social Media and released a statement wherein he said that it is way too tough but he was ready to face all the controversies on his own consent. He then shows gratitude to all of his supporters. 

Well, the controversy began in August 2021, the legal document issued in 2020 stated that he wouldn’t be able to keep any kind of firearm, but later Pina was found violating the possession of multiple guns with 526 rounds of ammunition. After Pina was found violating the rules FBI and IRS were involved in the case and proceed Pina to further investigations. As of now, he proceeds in the court where he is found guilty by the judge and proceeds for the house arrest till 1 April and will serve the sentence by 1 April. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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