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Who Is Princess Haya Bodyguard, Russell Flowers? Secret Affair Details Explained




Who Is Princess Haya Bodyguard, Russell Flowers? Secret Affair Details Explained: Princess Haya is currently grabbing the attention of the media it seems like her extra-marital affair drama does not take the name to get stopped. As per the latest media reports, the bodyguard lover of princess Haya has not emerged in a claimed blackmail plot that watched her pay £7million to keep the affair quiet, and this shocking revelation was made by his friends and former colleagues. They insisted former soldier whose name is Russell Flowers did not ask and demanded any money at the end of their 2-year affair. Follow More Update On

Princess Haya Bodyguard, Russell Flowers

Who Is Princess Haya Bodyguard, Russell Flowers?

They further added that instead of that he was paid £1.2m as part of a deal to endorse a non-revelation agreement that prevents him from ever talking about the relationship with the wife of the billionaire ruler of Dubai named Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum. A friend said that “There was no blackmail by Russell. He is not like that, and it did not occur.”

Princess Haya and Russell Flowers Affair 

The affair concluded the 4-year marriage of Flowers and left his wife “shattered” by the deception. Her friend stated that she told them her ex-husband, 37-years-old, has been seduced by the princess (46-year-old), whose expensive presents included a vintage shotgun worth £50,000 and a watch worth £12,000 watch.

Princess Haya Bodyguard, Russell Flowers

An ex-colleague stated that “It was standard practice when leaving the employment of the Dubai royal family to endorsed a non-revelation agreement. That is the way they operate and have done for several years. When the agreement is signed a financial settlement is agreed.”

Princess Haya Bodyguard, Russell Flowers

Princess Heya, who will get a record £554m in a settlement of divorce informed yesterday, had told the High Court that she was the sufferer of alleged blackmail by 4 members of her security team. She asserted that 3 of them were paid almost £7, to keep silent about the extra-marital affair. They were not named in court but recognized as Mr. A, B, and C. Mr. A was paid £2.5 m whereas two others shared £4.45m.

Princess Haya Bodyguard, Russell Flowers

A 4th bodyguard recognized as Mr. D was paid £1.2m. Referring to the accusations made by the princess, Mr. Justice Moor stated that in the judgment that she had dealt with a number of payments that had been made to 4 security staff at the time of the marriage. “These individuals had blackmailed HRH over an affair she had.”

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Flowers (38-years-old) Former soldier was not named in the High Court proceedings but has previously been recognized as the lover of the Princess. Flowers denied making any comment on this controversy.



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