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Who Is Neo Tiam Ting and why was Bentley Driver Neo Tiam Ting arrested? Identified Charges Explained




Who Is Neo Tiam Ting and why was Bentley Driver Neo Tiam Ting arrested? Identified Charges Explained: Currently, the name New Team Ting has been on the talk of the social media platforms. This person has been rumored to be the Bentley Driver. Neo Tiam Ting is a man from Singapore who got into the eyes of media after he was connected with the incident of a rash act causing hurt. But he is not the one as the recognition of the Bentley driver is not asserted as of now. Apart from this, a 61-year-old man has been apprehended after menacing moves to push back Bedok school staff. The semblance of a male driver was recorded in a video where he was watched pushing against a security officer with his car at Red Swastika School in Bedok North. Follow More Update On

Neo Tiam Ting

In a notice on Tuesday evening, the cops stated that they had been cautioned at around 11:40 AM to what happened in Bedok North Avenue 3. The tape went viral on social media platforms and Neo Tiam Ting got connected with it. Let’s get to know more about him.

Who Is Neo Tiam Ting?

Neo Tiam Ting is a native of Singapore who worked at Think One Automobile & Trading Pte Ltd. he got into the limelight after the incident related to the Bentley driver covers the headlines over the web. Individuals thought he was a person who owned Bentley. But there is no truth about it as Ting is not the person who is the owner of Bentley.

Recently, Ting went on Facebook and discussed this incident. Neo accepted that he has been getting tagged and getting messages from several people saying he is linked with the incident engaging the driver of Bentley outside Red Swastika School on Tuesday, 11th January 2022. But he has stated that Neo is not the owner of Bentley.

Individuals just made assertions about him, but Neo also disclosed that he had made a Police report against them. So, we can not point out anyone sans having the authentic facts. Furthermore, Neo is a busy person who is happy with his own family also his profile on Facebook says he has been tied the wedding knot to his wife since the month of November 1999.

The name and identity of Bentley driver have not been disclosed as of now. It is not known to us who is actually the owner of the car but the investigation is still going on and the name will surely be released soon. In the meantime, social media users are making different assumptions on the web and blaming the wrong person. Apart from that, the video of that incident was recorded by Stomper Lenny, who shared it openly.

Why was Neo Tiam Ting Bentley Driver Arrested?

A native of Singapore Nea Tiam Ting has been making the headlines nowadays after being committing unacceptable behavior. Yes, it has been rumored that Neo Tiam Ting is Bentley’s driver. However, it is yet to be disclosed officially. The rumors have been going viral on social media platforms and receiving much attention from the netizens. Several people have been confused and wondering whether he is Neo Tiam Ting or not? People have been searching for more details about the incident and Neo Ting. Through this article, we have brought all the details about the incident and Bentley’s driver so stay tuned.

According to the reports, Neo Tiam Ting is a Singaporean who came to the light after being rumored to be Bentley’s driver. But it is not true, he is not the driver of Bentley who is involved in an impulsive behavior with a security officer. Recently, Neo Tiam Ting took his Facebook account where he explained that he is not Bentley’s driver. In his Facebook post, he said that he has been awarded to several Facebook posts and WhatsApp messages claiming that he was connected to the incident that happened outside Red Swastika School on 11 January 2022.

He added, “I wish to state categorically that I have nothing to do with the incident. I was not the driver. The vehicle does not belong to me. I am aggrieved by these baseless allegations made in the social media, and I have made a Police report against them.” Further, he said that at least some of the allegations have been cleared from Facebook. His Facebook post has been going viral on the internet and the netizens have also been responding to it. Now, the police have been trying to find out more details about the incident.

why was Bentley Driver Neo Tiam Ting arrested?

Neo Tiam Ting was raised up in Singapore. He is also known for serving at Think One Automobile & Trading Pte Ltd. He gained everyone’s attention when his name was rumored to be Bentley’s driver, after which, people speculated that he was the owner of a Bentley. However, later, it was revealed that Neo Tiam Ting is not the owner of Bentley as Neo himself came out on Facebook and revealed that Bentley does not belong to him. We are waiting for the identity of Bentley’s driver to be revealed. We will update our readers soon with further updates. Stay tuned with us for more updates.