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Who is Mama Jackie Jacqueline Maarohanye and why is she trending on Twitter?




Who is Mama Jackie Jacqueline Maarohanye and why is she trending on Twitter?: One name which is currently trending all over the Internet is Mama Jackie. But the question is that why she is trending. The mother of Jub Jub, Jacqueline Maarohanye is presently at the top of the trends list on social media for her work at the Ithuteng Trust School. Maarohanye previously faced charges of assaulting students at Ithuteng Trust School as well as abduction. Several stories are appearing online from the past pupils at the school. The issues of Maarohanye came to the spotlight after South African actress Amanda Du-Pont blamed her son for abusing her but said that she was too scared to come out and speak about it due to the power of Mama Jackie. Follow More Update On

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Who is Mama Jackie Jacqueline Maarohanye?

The Ithuteng Trust School asserted to have saved orphans who were left in the stagger after sexual abuse and political abuse. The school attained sponsorship from Oprah Winfrey, The United States National Basketball Association (NBA) and, Nelson Mandela. This news comes as a big shock.

Ithuteng Trust’s Was Not As Trustworthy Is It Supposed To Be

Carte Blanche, The South African investigative journalism program disclosed that the majority of the students were not orphans and that Marrohanye had compelled the children to rehearse the stories that would permit them to get many sponsorships. In the year 2016, The Guardian reported that Maarohanye asserted the comments from students who vocals about the school were nothing but a “smudge campaign” from resentful former students. She stood strongly by her words that she never ever forced any of the pupils to utter or repeat the constructed fabricated stories.

Inevitable Charges On Mama Jackie

As per the reports, in the year 2007, Mama Jackie was found guilty of the abduction of a former Ithuteng Trust School pupil. After that, she was fined R8 000 for abduction, assaulting, and exposing the student naked in Soweto.

The Users Of Social Media Recall Their Meet With Mama Jackie

One user wrote, “I was a pupil Ithuteng Trust, the things that transpired at that school. Yoh!”

Another user whose name is @u_Chumile wrote, “I used to attend Ithuteng Trust too blue/white shirts with grey pants was the school uniform. I am from Katlehong there was a bus that took us from Tokoza every Saturday to that school. We used to eat mince and mash with kotas at the time of the lunch but that day Oprah and Chris Tucker were there, we ate KFC.”