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Who is Malloy, Northampton Homicide Man Arrested shot to death in Northampton




Who is Malloy, Northampton Homicide Man Arrested shot to death in Northampton: There is a 32-year-old man who is known for wearing feathers in his hat and he is facing a charge of murder for allegedly shooting an acquaintance once, he shot the man on the head inside a Northhampton apartment, the first homicide in the city and in Hemisphere County this year, according to the court records and prosecutors. Steven J. Malloy’s order was held without bail on Thursday in Northampton District Court where a not guilty plea to the murder charge was entered on his behalf, according to Northwestern District Attorney David E. Sullivan’s office, Malloy is accused of killing a 39-year-old Northhampton man who has been withheld pending notification of next of kin, this has been stated by the prosecutors. Follow More Update On

Northampton Homicide

Who is Malloy?

According to the prosecutors and court records, this has ties to Springfield and most recently has been living on the streets in Northhampton, Malloy was inside a Randolph Place apartment around 11:00 pm on Wednesday, it has been shown by the court records, a total number of four men were in the kitchen, all of them were familiar with each other, this has been stated in the court records.

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The victim collapsed onto the floor and he was rushed to an area hospital where he was later pronounced dead, has been stated by the authorities, Malloy field the apartment but was identified as the person who fired the shot by witnesses, it has been stated by the police that they were familiar with both Malloy and the victim.

Northampton Homicide

There was a fifth man who has identified himself to the police as the boyfriend of the victim who was lying on the floor bleeding from a head wound, he stated to the police that knew Malloy pretty well, he was spotted a short time later walking on West Street by a Smith College security person.

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Malloy was taken into custody by Northhampton Police at gunpoint, this has been stated by the authorities, he allegedly used a small black handgun which had not been recovered on Wednesday night, this is according to the court records. This seems to be a developing story, there are going to be further details. We are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with further details on the story, we will be back with the updates regarding the story so stay put with us in order to receive the latest news.



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