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Who Is Kenneth Nigh? Kenneth Nigh dead and Obituary, Murder of Rhonda Oakley by stepdaughter >




Kenneth Nigh and Jenna Oakley decided to homicide Rhonda Oakley, later generally known as the Rhonda Oakley Murder case.

The 2 had been in a relationship and had been dating for a few years, which was not permitted by the Oakley household.

As Rhonda was Jenna’s stepmother, their tension will be clearly seen.

Furthermore, each Rhonda and Jenna’s father, Philip, was in opposition to their daughter dating an older boyfriend.

Thus, such pressure from the household prompted Jenna to join hands with Kenneth and slice Rhonda’s neck with a kitchen wife.

Rhonda’s lifeless body was first discovered by David Oakley, Jenna’s little brother when he returned from college.

Initially, Jenna was suspected of being kidnapped by the assassin; nevertheless, it was later proved that she was indeed the assassin and within the run.

Three days later, the young couple was arrested in New Mexico in Rhonda’s Honda Civic.

They had been charged with theft and homicide in opposition to honda.