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Who is Katie Mills? Jojo Siwa’s rumored new girlfriend age, Instagram, and, More




Who is Katie Mills? Jojo Siwa’s rumored new girlfriend age, Instagram, and, More!: If you are looking to know the details of the latest girlfriend of Jojo Siwa then you are on the right page. Internet sensation JoJo Siwa has reportedly moved on from her relationship with Kylie Prew. The former Dance Moms star allegedly comes up in a TikTok video with her rumored girlfriend. JoJo Siwa appeared as a member of the LGBTQ+ community earlier this year. She shared photos of herself along with Prew on her Instagram profile. The two had also come up on Siwa’s mum’s podcast, “Success with Jess”. Follow More Update On

Katie Mills

Who is Katie Mills?

In the last month of November, JoJo Siwa comes up on the podcast of Paris Hilton “This Is Paris” and asserted her breakup with Prew. Jojo Siwa stated in the podcast interview: “I have yet to talk about this officially publicly, but we broke up.” Jojo Siwa disclosed in an interview with People Magazine last month that she is still in touch with Kylie Prew.

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Jojo Siwa’s rumored new girlfriend Katie Mills

Katie Mills

TikTok star Katie Mills comes up to be from Utah. Her Instagram profile includes many photos of herself attending Snow College in Ephraim which is in Utah. Katie Mills is apparently 18 or 19-years-old and has gathered nearly 7k followers on the social media platform. JoJo Siwa and her rumored girlfriend Mills come up together in a series of TikTok videos.

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They come up to be attending a Lakers basketball game together where the two sat courtside and filmed a video together. JoJo Siwa also made the captioned her video, “My favorite TikTok dance of all time.” Katie Mills also posted a TikTok video of herself with Siwa on the same day. The two were watched dancing and holding hands on the beach which made followers assume that the two were in a relationship.

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Admirers of Siwa who wanted to know more about the rumored relationship discovered themselves in Mills’ VSCO account. In the posted photos, one could watch Mills and Siwa at Disneyland together. One photo included Mills kissing Siwa on the cheek. She wrote in the comment section, “I may or may not be obsessed w her”.

While admirers have been speculating heavily, neither Katie Mills nor JoJo Siwa has asserted their relationship in an official capacity.



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