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Who Is Justin Rapier, Highland Teacher Arrested Over Sexual Abuse Charge Explained




Who Is Justin Rapier, Highland Teacher Arrested Over Sexual Abuse Charge Explained: Justin Rapier, a Highland Teacher is arrested for sexually abusing a minor female student in the school on Thursday. Let’s discuss more in this article. On Thursday morning, Justin Rapier, a high school teacher in Riverside is currently making headlines after he was arrested following an investigation into reports of possible sexual abuse involving a child. It’s impossible to imagine that a teacher who educates others about crimes and actions, is itself involved in such heinous activities. Follow More Update On

Justin Rapier

Who Is Justin Rapier?

A 41-year-old guy who was a high school teacher in Riverside commits a disgraceful crime that we can’t express in words. His wiki is currently being constructed after he was arrested in reports of possible sexual abuse on Thursday. Previously, he worked as an English Teacher at Highland High School in Iowa, United States. His full name is Justin David Rapier of Marion, as per However, according to policy laws and regulations, no information about the suspect is available at this time. It is vital to keep the suspect’s particular information to themselves. He’s been charged with the Sexual Exploitation of a Minor by a School Employee.

Justin Rapier Arrested

According to reports. He might spend up to five years in prison if convicted. People are angry with him for what he has done as a 41-year-old big fat a** guy to the little minor girl. However, there is another side to the story as well. A report has been circulating in media that suggest him to be the victim of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). He has been battling depression and anxiety since the age of 30 and now he is on medication. He states that people with BPD experience intense Bouts of rage, depression, and anxiety that last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Justin Rapier Highland Teacher Arrested Over Sexual Abuse Charge

Highland Teacher, Justin Rapier was arrested on Thursday over sexual abuse charges following an investigation. The case was reported on December 17, 2021, to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in connection with sexual abuse. Later on, the investigation determined that the abuse occurred at Highland High School that involved a minor female student and the abuser was an English Teacher. According to the affidavit, the teacher, Rapier had a sexual relationship with the student while the student was going with the intention of studying. Rapier is charged with Sexual Exploitation by a School Employee, a Class D felony. He might spend up to five years in prison if convicted. If he admits that he commits the crime then he definitely be punished for his action. Someone suggests that he would be no longer be allowed to teach because he is not qualified to teach students who have so much to learn themselves.