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Who Is James Iannazzo? Man Throws Smoothie In Viral Video Racist Assault




Who Is James Iannazzo? Man Throws Smoothie In Viral Video Racist Assault: On the TikTok platform in a viral video, James Iannzzo was found racist, In a recent Tik Tok viral video, James Iannazzo has been identified as racist when his racist video went viral. A platform where a person could go viral in seconds: Tik Tok. At this time James Iannzzo has gone viral. the video is going trend on social media. In the video, he is captured in a racist act. The culprit is a managing director of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. In the viral video, he identified as a racist. Follow More Update On

James Iannazzo

Who Is James Iannazzo?

James Iannazzo is continuing working for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management since 1995. Well, he is a well-known managing director. He was responsible for developing integrated tax-minimization for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. He also helped those clients who wanted to analyze their wealth structure. Most of the time he served for retired and corporate executives.  Rather than he is an attorney, entrepreneur, accountant, investor, and an assists physician.

James Iannazzo Racist Assault Video

As a report, he is the one amongst Barron’s America’s Top 12,00 advisors. He has passed more than 26 years working at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. As now company has to take responsibility for James Iannazzo this racist behavior. Unfortunately, the company is going into loss because of James Iannazzo. company has to face financial discernment. Some of the Company’s members want James’s resignation from the post.

in the answer of being a racist, James Iannazzo responded, he was saying racist slurs snd screaming at my coworker a minute before I started recording. he also said if anyone sees in Fairfield pls send a message.

James Iannazzo Video Explained

The man who went viral for throwing smoothies is James Iannazzo. The video is posted online on TiK Tok. he is spotted throwing a smoothie at an employee in the Tik Tok viral video.

The video is Uploaded by @cjjbreezy on Tik Tok. James Iannazzo’s video is got 10.9 million views in the past 13 hours. In the recorded video, he asks to call a lady who generally made drinks for him. when he did not satisfied with the smoothie he suddenly throws it at the lady employee.

James said these girls are trying to harm his reputation rather than he did not do something wrong with the lady. but we could definitely see in the video, he did just not slur the lady but he used very wrong racist words. A person could not do something like this with anyone, just he did not like a smoothie. It is totally against human rights.

Jim Iannazzo managing director of Merrill Lynch. he threw the smoothie at the female employee.

A Well-known director’s Jim Iannazzo video is going viral on Twitter, Tik Tok, and other social networking sides. In the viral video, he threw the smoothie at a girl because he did not like it. the video uses a racial slur at a teenage girl by Merrill Lunch. The girl is treated badly by the manager named is Jim Iannazzo.

Many people are sharing videos of the employee girl. The video is uploaded by a TikTok on his Tik Tok account and then it went viral. The video got hit on social media very few times. The viral video is watched by 2 million times. it has got 918.5k likes and 34.2k comments so quickly. this number has stopped yet, it is still increasing. The smoothie threw a viral video posted on January 22, 2022, and it went viral within uploading eight hours. firstly it was uploaded on Tik Tok by a user and then it went circulated on Twitter and as well as on Youtube.

Because Jim Iannazzo is managing director in Merril Lynch Wealth Management company. and the girl is a small worker in the organization. When Jim threw a smoothie on her she could not do anything to save herself from Jim’s misbehavior. but someone shoot the video and uploaded it.

Who is Jim Ianazzo from Merril Lynch?

Jim is a managing director and Wealth Management Advisor of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. This managing company belongs to Bank of America in the CT/NYC area. Since November 1995, Jim has been managing the firm. Jim got mad at the girl when she served a smoothie to him but he did not like it and he threw it on the girl. it was is the proof of his bad attitude which he use to do it.

Jim Racist video is going viral and viewers reaction towards his attitude

Jim has become a racist because of his intolerable attitude towards the female employee.

one user wrote on his social account, “This is how Jim Iannazzo of @MerrillLynch treats people. Is that ok with Merrill Lynch?”

Another added, “so how’s Jim Iannazzo’s racist attack on high school children fit into your company motto?”

Another user wrote,”Jim Iannazzo threw a drink at a teen girl and called her an immigrant. you have to fire him to save whatever reputation you have left”.