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Who Is Jack Wright? TikTok Star Claims Sienna Mae Assaulted Other Men Too




Once again, a very controversial issue is coming up which is also related to Tiktok and as soon as everyone is getting to know about the news, their shocking reactions are coming to the fore. Yes, you heard right, the member of Hype House Jack Wright recently made a statement on social media which set the buzz among everyone, as he alleged that other men had been physically assaulted by his former girlfriend called ” Sienna Mae Gomez” these pieces of an agonistic issue he shared on Tiktok, and through his Tiktok video he also said that now “he can not quiet anymore.

Jack Wright Sienna Mae

According to the reports or sources, The video which was proof of how the assault was done along with another admin has been removed from social media. Apart from this, all the engagement was drawn by the video that Wright posted on Twitter and Tiktok in which he also disclosed everything. This is one of the reasons that as the news is circulating on the internet, the fanciers of both are eager to know the entire details of this matter because no one would like to be ignorant of any crucial details behind the case. 

Who Is Jack Wright?

Now, when we talk about the past controversy of the two, so they never stated that they were into a relationship, but besides this, they shared videos of themselves while kissing, hugging, and cuddling. Which you could also see on their social media handles, but the recent issue dragged them again into the limelight. But a few users are passing their remark on the incident as well that It takes two to make a quarrel. Even no statement from the sie of the girl stated yet which indicates something different because of which, she is coming under the suspicion again.

It is being reported, that since the controversy occurred she started losing her followers from social media, because the news is being surfaced rapidly on social media like a wildfire. This is becoming the cause of her defamation as well, but besides this, the exploits she has done could not be ignored as well, as the video is claiming. Even a few netizens are also passing their remarks on the incidents, As you sow, so you will reap. So we have conferred such details and when something will arrive ahead from their side we will update you, so stay connected with us.